12 of the World’s Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Jun 3, 2016 | Honeymoon

beach honeymoon

Beach Honeymoon Destination #1. Maldives

These remote Indian Ocean islands are a favourite among honeymooners and almost seem like they were made to give newlyweds the perfect experience.

Beach Honeymoon Destination #2. Fiji

Just hearing the name Fiji makes you think of sun, sea and sand. These islands guarantee a great honeymoon holiday with their coral reefs, spotless sands and warm lagoons.

beach honeymoon

Beach Honeymoon Destination #3. Koh Tao

This Thai destination is great if you like some variety among your beaches and also if you want to spend a few days having an adventure.

Beach Honeymoon Destination #4. Ibiza

For when you’re on a budget, but don’t want to sacrifice the relaxing and romantic honeymoon experience. There’s more to Ibiza than its infamous parties – you just need to look outside of the usual destinations.

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Beach Honeymoon Destination #5. Bora Bora

If heaven was a place on earth, this French Polynesian destination would be it. Clear water, warm sand, unbelievable views and of course, its legendary coral reef for snorkelling.

Beach Honeymoon Destination #6. Cape Town

Perfect if you want to mix adventure and exploring with sunning and relaxing. Cape Town has some truly awesome beaches and a big-city vibe with picturesque landscapes and some of the best safaris a mere car journey away.

Beach Honeymoon Destination #7. St. Barts

A favourite among the well-to-do, this island holiday may set you back quite a bit but it’s the ultimate in luxury holidays.

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Beach Honeymoon Destination #8. Bali

Growing in popularity after the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, Bali is a great mix of beautiful beaches and rich culture for when you get tired of lying in the sun.

Beach Honeymoon Destination #9. Maui

Can’t go wrong with Hawaii on a honeymoon! The island has plenty of luxury resorts to relax and pamper you both and the legendary Hawaiian scenery and beaches will make you want to move there.

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Beach Honeymoon Destination #10. Aruba

Also known as One Happy Island, this place guarantees you a luxurious honeymoon with its high temperatures and beautiful Caribbean scenery.

Beach Honeymoon Destination #11. Harbour Island

With celebrity fans like Mick Jagger and Elle Macpherson, this paradise is the ultimate in sun, sea and sand – but in the Bahamas!

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Beach Honeymoon Destination #12. Rio de Janeiro

This mind-blowing beaches are surrounded by amazing mountains, great cityscapes and a contagious atmosphere of fun created by buzzing vendors and bikini-clad women playing football on the sand.