Wedding Workout: What you need to know about weightlifting

Jun 18, 2016 | Health

While you may tell your colleagues that under your suit lurks a body that can bench 250, in reality the weightlifting room of your local gym scares you, doesn’t it?

Frankly, it scares most of us, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid this section of the gym in favour of the quieter, less sweaty area that houses the rowing machine, treadmill and women in yoga pants admiring themselves in a mirror.weightlifting wedding workoutWeightlifting is the perfect accompaniment to high intensity interval training, so if you want to start doing more than just throwing out the lingo to nonplussed workmates at the water cooler, it’s time to school yourself on the key factors.

Top weightlifting tips to keep in mind during your wedding workout

Equipment is key

If you’re serious about weightlifting then it’s vital you have all the necessary weights and equipment at your disposal.

Look into joining another gym if you think your current one isn’t up to scratch on this front, but don’t just make do simply because you don’t want to do a bit of research.

A range of dumbbells, a variety of barbell weights and an area to perform chin-ups and pull-ups is vital for anyone hoping to build and maintain muscle, so don’t fall at the first hurdle by ignoring these requirements.

weightlifting wedding workout

Different routines for different muscle groups

We’re all familiar with the ‘He forgot leg day’ meme, but seriously he did, so don’t be that guy.

It’s important to work your entire body if you really want to dedicate yourself to a weightlifting routine, but don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all in one session.

As the meme suggests, it’s advisable to divide your session across different days, so on leg day you’ll focus on lunges, squats and deadlifts, while on arm day you’ll perform bicep curls, lateral raises and so on.

By dividing and conquering in such a way, you will be giving different muscle groups time to rest and build up before tackling them again at the next session.

weightlifting wedding workout

Consider the weight

You may want to impress the lads around you, but believe us, three reps of a weight that’s too much for you and a strangled wail will impress no one.

Yes, it’s meant to be heavy; yes it’s meant to take effort; no, it’s certainly not meant to cause injury, so don’t be a hero.

A simple rule of thumb to ascertain whether you’ll make it through three sets of 15 reps with a particular weight is whether you can pause for a second before the first lift.

If you need momentum to raise it up, it’s simply too heavy for you, but don’t worry, you’ll be using it in no time.

weightlifting wedding workout

Good form is vital

While some lads may have you believe the mirrors in the gym are there for vanity purposes, in reality they have been installed for users to monitor their form and posture.

Nothing will bring you down to earth with a bigger bang than seeing your reflection in the mirror and realising your posture would rival Quasimodo’s.

A key part of weightlifting is learning to adopt the correct form in order to perform the movement for optimum results, so be sure you know what this is before beginning your sets.

If in doubt, ask.

Rest day is a given

While the idea of a rest day sounds incredibly appealing to most beginners, once you actually get into weightlifting, you may soon find yourself dreading those one or two days you don’t get to break a sweat.

But taking a rest day is absolutely vital in order to avoid injury and prevent yourself from hitting a fitness plateau.

The moment you step foot into that weight room, you begin placing greater strain on your joints, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, so it’s only right you give them time to recuperate from the exertion, right?