Have Some Fun: Wedding pranks to pull on the groom, bride and guests

Apr 1, 2016 | Best Man

wedding pranks

Wedding pranks can be a great way to relieve tension and nerves on the big day, often involving some team work and getting a lot of laughs. Of course, we’ve all seen the YouTube clips of pranks gone horribly wrong, but once you apply a bit of cop-on, you can easily pull off a few tricks that will make the day even more memorable for everyone.

Here are some great suggestions for wedding pranks that won’t run the risk of making someone cry or call off the wedding…

Wedding Prank #1 Whether it’s the getaway car or the car they’re driving to the church in, fill it with helium balloons for a nice surprise prank that won’t ruin anyone’s day and will also result in some nice photographs.

Wedding Prank #2 This is one way for a bride and groom to get revenge on the best man and maid of honour for any pranks they pulled or embarrassing speeches they made. When it’s time to cut the cake, have the DJ ask the best man and maid of honour to come to the cake table for photos. On the count of three, instead of smashing a piece cake into each other’s faces, the bride and groom should smash them into their friends’ faces.

Wedding Prank # 3 One for the best man. Bring a number of condoms and hand them out among the groom’s friends before the ceremony. Tell everyone to hide them in their palms when they join the reception line and when they reach the groom, cup his hand and slip him the condom. He may be able to hide it the first couple of times, but he’s going to run out of pocket space soon.

Wedding Prank #4 For the bride and groom with a great sense of humour (and no elderly wedding guests), choose “She’s Having My Baby” as your first dance song and watch people freak out.

Wedding Prank #5 When asked for the ring, the best man should pull out a ring pop or some fake alternative.

Wedding Prank #6 Put confetti in the heating/air-conditioning vents of the bride and groom’s getaway car and make sure it’s set on full blast. When the bride and groom start the car, the confetti will come pouring out.

Wedding Prank #7 When the bride and groom kiss at the altar, have guests sitting near the front stand up with scoring cards.

Wedding Prank #8 If one of the groomsmen has a fear of public speaking, hand him the mic during the speeches. Let everyone at the top table in on the joke and have them all convince him he was supposed to make a speech.

Wedding Prank #9 Let the bride in on this one beforehand to avoid tears and make sure it’s ok. Fit a female guest with a fake pregnancy belly and have her stand up to object during the ceremony. Then have her mumble something about talking to him later and sit back down.

Wedding Prank #10 This is one for the best man to pull off. Place whoopee cushions under the chair cushions at the head table. If you’re very brave and the bride and groom have a sense of humour, hide them under the cushions of the chairs in the church.

Wedding Prank #11 Another one for the best man, arrange to borrow a suit that’s identical to the groom’s wedding formalwear but is a couple of sizes too small. Place it in his room and watch him freak out the morning of his wedding.

Wedding Prank # 12 For anyone making a speech, get the biggest sheet of paper you can find and fold it small enough so that it fits in your pocket. When you stand up to make your speech, pull out the piece of paper and begin unfolding it as if your speech is written on it. Glance at it for a moment, fold it back up and pull out your actual notes.

Wedding Prank #13 Have a male guest make an objection during the ceremony and challenge the groom to a lightsabre duel. Have a lightsabre on hand to hand to the groom.

Wedding Prank #14 One for the bride, have whoever is walking her down the aisle carry a fake shotgun.

Wedding Prank #15 Either the bride and groom arranges this in advance or the wedding party arranges it as a surprise for the new couple. During the first dance, have the DJ stop the romantic song and change to another fast-paced tune that you guys have a choreographed dance for.

Wedding Prank #16 One for whoever is watering the new couple’s plants while they’re off on honeymoon. Fill their bath up with jelly, hot water and ice cubes, so the couple arrive home to a jellified bathroom.