Wedding Morning: How guys can have fun getting ready for a wedding

Apr 23, 2017 | The Big Day

The bride and her bridesmaids typically have a lot of fun before the wedding kicks off, between champagne breakfasts, professional make-up artists and lots of people telling them how pretty they look. But what about the groom? How is he supposed to spend his wedding morning if computer games just aren’t his thing?

Don’t let the women have all the fun! Try one – or all – of these tips below to kick your wedding day off the right way.

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Wedding Morning Activity #1. Deal with the Hangover

No matter how good you planned on being, if you’re spending the night before the wedding with your groomsmen, there’s a good chance you’re going to wake up on your wedding day feeling a little worse for wear.

Have a hangover kit on stand-by with Rennie, painkillers, bottles of water (lots of water), energy tablets and some drops for those bloodshot eyes of yours. Keep it beside your bed and put it to work before you’re properly awake to make yourself feel more human.

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Wedding Morning Activity #2. Breakfast of Champions

Often the groom and his boys will tuck into a few breakfast rolls once they’ve dealt with their hangovers, but while they’re one of our favourite foods, that’s no way to treat yourself the morning of your wedding. Order Bloody Marys or Mimosas, if you’re feeling fancy, and get a proper brunch-style breakfast into you. Your wedding day is all about being stylish and smooth and trust us, a fancy breakfast will put you in the right mood for the rest of the day. Scrap the greasy sausages, which will only make your stomach worse, and tuck into eggs, French toast or buttermilk pancakes with bacon, warm scones, fresh fruit smoothies, potato cakes with black pudding, Belgian waffles, huevos rancheros…. Don’t you feel better already?

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Wedding Morning Activity #3. Hot towel shave

Even if you’re a bearded bloke, this is still one for you. Whether it’s a full cut or a trim, few things will make you feel more like a man than a hot towel shave done by a professional barber. Visit a local establishment if there’s one nearby or book a session in your hotel’s spa. The girls aren’t the only ones who should get pampered that morning!

Bonus Tip: Try to avoid getting a haircut the morning of your wedding. That could go really wrong.

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Wedding Morning Activity #4. Trip to the spa

We’re not talking about waxing and nail-painting (unless that’s what you want), but a round of massages for you and your groomsmen that morning will really help chill you out, especially if you’re feeling stressed or nervous.

Don’t opt for anything too extreme or you’ll spend the day feeling bruised and won’t be able to move the next morning. Oh and make sure you schedule this one before breakfast or risk a dash to the loo once pressure is put on your middle.

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Wedding Morning Activity #5. A round of aged whiskey

It’s best to leave the cigars until later in the day to avoid smelling up your tux, but there’s nothing wrong with a stiff drink of Dutch courage before you head to the ceremony. Once you’re all dressed and groomed, order a round of aged whiskey or brandy and take a moment to toast the day with your groomsmen.

Leave it at the one, mind you. This is a gentlemanly moment, not the beginning of a lash.

Wedding Morning Activity #6. New underwear

We’re not talking about a multipack from Penneys here. Your fiancée will have treated herself to brand new wedding lingerie, so why shouldn’t you have some fancy underwear too? Women often say that wearing luxury bras and pants under their clothes can make them feel amazing, so what better time to put this to the test?

Invest in some stylish silk boxers and spend your wedding day feeling like the hottest guy in the room.

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And don’t forget…

While you should definitely dedicate some time to ‘Treating Yourself’ the morning of your wedding, make sure you don’t forget to do the essentials, like:

  • Showering.
  • Making sure all groomsmen are alive and on time.
  • Putting on your suit and keeping it in pristine condition until at least after the professional photos are taken.
  • Run through your speech (and vows if you’ve written your own).
  • Locate the rings and hand them to the right person.
  • Make sure all cars are on time.

Enjoy and good luck!

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