Wedding Diet: How to stop the stag from derailing your weight loss

Jul 25, 2016 | Health

You may have spent the best part of six months working out and sticking to your wedding diet in order to look and feel in tip-top condition for the big day, but with the stag looming you’re scared it may put the brakes on the whole thing, right?

With many guys opting to spend a long weekend celebrating their final days as a single man, it can be easy to go overboard, pile on some lbs and lose your motivation.

While falling off the nutrition and exercise wagon is allowed during your stag, it is important to keep some tips and tricks in mind toprevent the celebrations from derailing your weight loss efforts completely.

So go forth and get tied to a lamp post, but just remember you’ve a suit to fit into in the not-so-distant future.

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Wedding Diet vs Stag Tip #1: Make healthy choices when possible

Look, we know it can be a right downer to choose a chicken salad when your mates are chowing down on whopper burgers, but if you’re serious about staying on track during the stag then you need to make the right choices.

Saying no to the chipper after a night out is a simple way to avoid piling on the lbs while snacking on mixed nuts, like cashews, almonds and pistachios, will help keep hunger at bay.

While it’s a given you should kick back and relax during your stag, making a few small tweaks here and there when it comes to the menu will stand to you in the long run.

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Wedding Diet vs Stag Tip #2: Fill up on water

So, when we drink, we wake up with a hangover and when we wake up with a hangover, what happens?

That’s right, we immediately reach for the takeaway menu before gorging on salt, grease and carbs in an effort to feel better, right?

So what’s the easiest way to break this cycle? No wait, hear us out! You don’t have to avoid the booze, simply avoid the hangover.

By drinking plenty of water throughout the celebrations, you will prevent a serious hangover and sidestep the takeaway guilt we all know so well!

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Wedding Diet vs Stag Tip #3: Switch beer for spirits

Chances are, if you’ve been serious about your weight loss in the run-up to your wedding, then you’ve likely cut down on alcohol already.

But if you’re a big drinker, then the idea of abstaining on your stag, of all occasions, won’t sit easy, so don’t worry we won’t ask you to.

However, by simply choosing your booze more wisely, you will save on calories and stay on track.

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School yourself on the calorie content of your favourite drinks in order to make the best decision, but remember; no amount of weight loss is worth getting so wasted on the ‘skinnier’ drink you lose all memory of your stag night.

If you don’t respond well to a certain drink, avoid it at all costs.

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Wedding Diet vs Stag Tip #4: Include an activity

These days stags are all about the adventure sports, so why not include an activity in your lad’s weekend in order to get your burn on while celebrating the impending nuptials?

You’ll get a work-out in while having serious craic with your mates – everyone’s a winner!

From paintballing and mountain biking to rock climbing and river rafting, your stag celebrations don’t have to signal an end to your fitness regime, just an occasion where you get to mix it up.

(And show the most competitive bloke in your group that he’s now got some serious competition.)

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Wedding Diet vs Stag Tip #5: Plan for the week ahead

We know, we know, it’s hard to focus on the week following your stag when the stag itself hasn’t even happened yet, but you’ll thank us for this one!

Before you head out to celebrate, make sure you’re prepared for the days after by stocking up on the right food and having your gym bag prepared and ready to go.

Coming back from any trip away or big night out leaves most of us feeling tired and unmotivated – the last thing you want before the final stretch.

Make things easy on yourself by having healthy snacks to hand and a goal sheet for the final leg of your weight-loss plan.

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