Wedding Candles: Do You Need Them for Your Wedding?

Jun 6, 2017 | The Big Day

Wedding guides often tell you to buy a whole load of things you don’t need, so you may be wondering if wedding candles fall into that category. The answer is….it depends on the kind of wedding you’re having.

wedding candles

Wedding Candles for a Church Wedding

Unity candles are an optional part of a Catholic ceremony, so if you plan on getting married in a Catholic church, yes, you may need to include candles. The bride and groom each light a small thin candle and then together, they light the Unity candle to represent the creation of their new marriage, bond and family.

As it’s related to family, sometimes a parent from each side will light a family candle (from their own wedding, a christening, etc.) and the bride and groom will light their smaller candles using their individual family flames. This then strengthens the bond of the two families uniting into one new unit.

If you’re having a civil wedding, you can include candles in the ceremony, but it’s not a set part of proceedings. In this case, you could skip the tradition.

wedding candles

Where do we get the wedding candles?

There are some places that will create personalised versions just for you and your partner. You can easily find these online with a quick search. Florists and some other wedding supply shops also stock a few varieties for you to choose from.

Some people like to use family candles; possibly one that was used in their christening or at a parent’s wedding. The church will also have some options for you to use for a fee.

wedding candlesBut unless it’s incredibly important and symbolic to you or your partner, feel free to grab a chunky candle in Penney’s for €2. These can also be decorated and personalised at home if you want to dress it up. You could even get a son or daughter to design it for you for a sweet personal touch.

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