How to pull off a Vegas stag

Aug 2, 2016 | Stag Party

A Vegas stag when you’re living in Ireland can be expensive, but if everyone can afford it, it’s a great destination for a stag weekend.

Organising any stag in another country takes quite a bit of planning – here’s what you need to do to pull off an amazing stag trip.

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Tips for organising a Vegas stag

Vegas Stag Tip #1: Make a guest list

Rather than trying to figure it out yourself, ask the groom who he wants to invite to the stag party. Get him to write down phone number and email addresses for anyone you don’t know, so you can organise all the communications. The best way to do this is by group email or a WhatsApp message, so everyone can get in touch easily and can reach a consensus.

Get the groom to give you a few potential travel dates, as he’s the one trying to coordinate work schedules and wedding planning, and then pitch these dates to the group. One a date has been settled on, give people a date to RSVP (two months minimum before the trip is best, so you can get good flight and accommodation deals).

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Vegas Stag Tip #2: Find flights

Do this as early as possible to get the best deals. A price-comparison site like Skyscanner is a great way to identify the cheapest flights. Try to get the most direct flight possible though, as you don’t want to waste more time than necessary flying and you also don’t want to be completely wrecked by the time you get there. Once you’ve identified the best flight, send the information around and get people to book as soon as possible.

If everyone is reliable with money and you feel confident you could book in bulk without being left out of pocket, it’s sometimes worth ringing the airline. If you’re booking a large group on one plane, certain companies, like JetBlue and Delta, will sometimes offer discounts.

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Vegas Stag Tip #3: Book a hotel

Once the flights are pinned down, it’s time to book accommodation. With group travelling, especially for shorter trips, it’s always a good idea for one person to take charge of booking so that everyone is in the one place; however, if certain people in the group are unreliable with money, just look after yourself, the groom and anyone who gives you the cash.

Pick a place located on the Strip for the most convenience; there are so many hotels here that they almost always have empty rooms, so you can get a competitive price. Check out prices on each hotel’s website, then call each place’s reservations number to ask if you can get a cheaper rate if you book multiple rooms.

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Vegas Stag Tip #4: Remember to eat

On a lads’ holiday to Vegas, it’s not unusual for food to be overlooked, but if you want to get the groom home in one piece, booking a few restaurants to soak up the alcohol is the smart thing to do. Buffets are beloved on Vegas trips, but in reality, wait times can be extensive, so it’s best just to book a table at a restaurant in advance. It doesn’t have to be expensive – just have it pencilled in, so you have food of the brain and in your stomachs.

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Vegas Stag Tip #5: Daytime activities

If your group contains the kind of people who enjoy seeing sunshine occasionally, then sitting in a casino for the entire trip is probably not going to be the makings of a great stag. If you guys enjoy golf, there are courses on the Strip or a short taxi ride away on the outskirts, but book in advance if you have any sense. If golf isn’t your thing, there are plenty of pools around to relax in.

Vegas Stag Tip #6: Evening activities

Break up the gambling and inevitable strip club visit with a concert, comedy gig or even a burlesque show. You can book online, but asking your hotel’s concierge can also result in a nice discount so ring ahead before booking.

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Vegas Stag Tip #7: Casinos

If you want to do more than play the slots, organise for your stag group to start off in one of the casinos that offers free gaming lessons. You’ll find these online and once you’ve studied up, you’ll be able to get by at any casino on the Strip, which are open 24-hours a day and don’t require reservations.

Vegas Stag Tip #8: Strip clubs

Despite the name, you won’t actually find topless clubs on the Strip itself, but you can find them outside this area. There are also packages available online where your group is collected by limo from your hotel and offered free admission and drinks.

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