Tips for the Perfect St Lucia Honeymoon

Jun 5, 2017 | Honeymoon

The Caribbean has always been a favourite spot for newlyweds, but the idea of a St Lucia honeymoon has really gained in popularity over the last decade. If you’re thinking of flying to this exotic land, here’s what you need to know.

st lucia honeymoonSt Lucia Honeymoon: The Basics

You don’t need to apply for visas before going, but you do need to ensure your passport has a minimum of six months left on it from the day of your departure. The best time to go is considered May or early June as prices tend to be most reasonable at this time and the weather is great.

Keep in mind that hurricane season begins during June and can last until November, while rainy season also continues through this period. However, if you want to take a chance, Carnival takes place in July if you want a ready-made memorable activity for your St. Lucia honeymoon.

As for accommodation, there are numerous resorts to choose from, but you’ll probably get better deals going through Airbnb.

st lucia honeymoonWhat to Pack

Temperatures in St. Lucia are very consistent, usually averaging in the high-twenties throughout the entire year. The usual sun holiday wardrobe will do here; just make sure you pack a light rain jacket.

We also recommend stocking up on mosquito repellent or at the very least, some cream for the bites. Mosquitos are a BIG problem here.

Tips for your St Lucia Honeymoon

st. lucia honeymoonMany holidayers recommend hiring a driver to collect you from the airport. Not a necessity if you’re renting a car and feel comfortable driving in a new country, but it is a nice way to kick off your honeymoon.

Rodney Bay may be a popular choice, but prices are hiked up significantly and everything is tailored to appeal to tourists, so you won’t get a ‘local’ experience. Spend a day here, but look elsewhere for the famous Caribbean spirit.

One worthwhile reason to visit Rodney Bay is its proximity to Pigeon Island. You can rent bikes and cycle to this nature park and see some famous spots like an 18th century British fort.

Rather than joining official tourist boat trips, many travellers recommend hiring local boat owners to take you out onto the water for romantic sunsets and views. Official tours will still be enjoyable, but you’ll pay a lot less and get some local insight from a freelancer.

There are so many activities to enjoy here from snorkelling and scuba diving to hiking. If history is your thing, Castries is a nice spot to visit for its architecture and cathedral.

Diamond Falls and Sulphur Springs are two very popular places to visit and you’ll also find a number of plantations to visit, such as Marquis Estate.

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