Thailand Honeymoon: Your Guide to the Perfect Trip

Apr 17, 2017 | Honeymoon

Thailand is not just for backpackers and college students – it’s also a great location for a honeymoon. There are so many places to visit that most people will tour the country during their trip and we’d be here all day if we started listing all the cities and towns you should visit. Instead we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to ensure you make the most of your Thailand honeymoon… 

Thailand Honeymoon7 Elements of a Memorable Thailand Honeymoon

Thailand Honeymoon#1. The Right Beach

Yes, Thailand is famous for its beaches, but it’s wise to avoid the famous ones if you don’t want to spend your time jostled by drunk college students. Try lesser-known beaches nearby (you won’t have to look far) and set up shop there. You’ll still have a great sun-sea experience, but with untouched sand and no fights for space in the water.

#2. Food

You may be a foodie who likes to find ‘authentic’ places to eat when they travel and shudders at the thought of a menu with pictures, but you need to rethink your policy in Thailand. Yes, you might find an amazing local spot that makes the best Thai food in the world, but you’re equally as likely to end up with a serious stomach complaint or accidentally eating a questionable dish like Kai Yiew Ma (look it up at your peril).

You don’t need to eat in tourist-packed spots, but be wary and ask for some suggestions from the hotel concierge or your Airbnb host.

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#3. What to Wear

For the most part, you can wear your typical sun-holiday wardrobe, but be aware that a number of attractions require you to cover your shoulders and knees. There are often spare clothes you can borrow at these spots if you forget, but it’s better to have something handy in a backpack.

#4. Full Moon Parties

Thailand HoneymoonAs with sunbathing, it’s better to look for these parties on quieter beaches unless you want a nineties-Ibiza experience. Be aware that thieves are out in force at the more famous Full Moon parties, like those on Ko Phangan, Thailand’s party island.

#5. Getting Around

Thailand HoneymoonMany tourists will rent bikes or scooters during their trip, but if you do, be very careful on Thai roads. Officials report an average of 80 people killed on the country’s roads each day thanks to reckless driving, texting while scooting and drunk tourists.

#6. Architecture & History

If you want a break from city life and endless parties, there are some great options for anyone who enjoys history. Visit Sukhothai or Ayutthaya to see ancient ruins, temples and palaces and step into Thai history.

#7. Differing Prices

Finally, be prepared to pay a higher price than Thais for many popular attractions and national parks. Seriously, they have two prices. Yes, it’s a rip-off, but you want to enjoy your Thailand Honeymoon so remember that you’re not going to get anywhere trying to argue that point.

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