Digital Fire Art

Fire dancing and fire breathing has just gone through a thrilling change for the better. New digital LED technology has been introduced to allow performances to come indoors for celebrations in a safe and interesting way.

Our Digital Fire Art team do unique and memorable performances for events nationwide using the latest LED systems. Put your logo or a photo directly into the performance creating a unique branding experience for spectators and clients alike.

We customise each show in a flexible and fun way and your clients or guests will be impressed and amazed at the performance. The set show runs to 15 mins but can be customised to suit clients needs and can be fitted into the proceedings.

The Digital Fire performance can be stand alone or incorporated into the overall show as desired. It’s perfect to create a dramatic entrance as guests arrive or can be used to wrap up the celebration in style and on a high.

The show is choreographed to a very high standard and the performers move to background music so we can provide a small sound system to add to the overall effect if required. This is great for grabbing the attention of your guests and works well at the entrance to you event creating a WOW! moment on arrival. The performance combined with suitable music is amazing for spectators and improves the routine with extra flair.

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