Stag Nights vs Stag Weekends: Which Should You Choose?

Jun 25, 2017 | Stag Party

Stag weekends have emerged as the preferred option over the last decade when it comes to celebrating a groom’s upcoming marriage. Whether it’s a sun holiday abroad or a golf weekend in Ireland, lads are eager to make the most of this time together.

But is it a better option?

Let’s look at the pros and cons….

golfing on stag weekendsStag Weekends: Pros

Time Together

If you’re fresh out of college, you probably see the majority of your mates regularly and have plenty of house parties and nights out. However, those in their late-twenties, thirties and older often find it more difficult to organise nights where everyone is able to show up. Whether it’s due to moving abroad, family commitments or just not having the capacity to drink as much anymore, a lot of things can get in the way.

The majority of people will make an effort to turn up for a stag and it’s easier to find a date that accommodates everyone since it’s organised in advance. With this rare opportunity to relive the good old days, why would you want to confine it to just one night?

stag weekendsBonding Opportunity

If you have a large groom’s party and it contains people who don’t know each other, a longer trip means they’ll have gotten to know each other well before the wedding. Not only does this eliminate awkwardness on the day (well, unless the stag party gets real weird…), it also means the groom’s party will be better at working together to help with wedding tasks.

Bigger Event

Confining your stag to a night out in Dublin means drinks and some food is all you’ll have to remember this momentous occasion. Turning it into a weekend trip or short holiday means you have more time to include fun activities and you could even do something bucket-list worthy as a group, like bungee jumping.

bungee jumping on a stag weekend

Stag Weekends: Cons

More expensive

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a LOT more expensive. You can easily rent an Airbnb down the country for very little once the cost is split between you, as well as stock up on pre-drinking alcohol in Tesco beforehand. But if some people are pushing for a holiday abroad, it can exclude mates with tighter budgets or put them in a situation where they’re too busy watching their money to enjoy the trip.

Opposing schedules

If it’s just a Saturday and Sunday somewhere, it shouldn’t be much more difficult than a night out, but if you’re looking at a long weekend or five-day holiday, you’re going to find it harder to choose a date that suits everyone. There will also be some people who won’t be able to take the time off work.

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