Stag Games: 20 Challenges for the Stag Party

Mar 25, 2017 | Stag Party

What’s a stag party without a few games and challenges to keep things interesting? Elect two Masters of Ceremonies to adjudicate and put the following stag games to good use…

20 Stag Games to get the fun started

1. Fill a bum bag/fanny pack with embarrassing and random items. Make the groom wear it during the festivities and give him until a certain time to give each item away to a different woman. If he fails, he must do a forfeit; if he wins, he can nominate someone else to do the forfeit.

Stag Games

2.Whenever a member of the party shouts ‘Down, Mr President,’ everyone in the stag party must protect the groom in the style of the secret service. Last person to get there does a shot.

3.Before the drinking begins, the best man should get every member of the party to pull a toy soldier out of a bag. Throughout the night, every time the best man shouts ‘Assume the position!’ each person must pose as his toy soldier. Failure results in drinking.

4.Everyone in the group must find a girl with the same name as the groom’s fiancée and buy her a drink by a certain time in the night. This must be verified by another member of the group. The people who fail must perform a forfeit.

Stag Games

5.Sneaky one for the best man to pull on the group. Get everyone to write a dare for the groom to do, but once they do, reveal that the game is actually Back Fire and now each person must perform their own dare or submit to a forfeit.

6.No one can point with a finger, so whenever you want to engage someone or draw attention to something, you can only do so by pointing your elbow. Failure will result in a penalty (probably more drinking).

7.If you’re doing a pub crawl, the whole party must speak in a specific accent while in each pub. Anyone who fails to do a convincing accent will have to perform a forfeit. If you’re not doing a pub crawl, set a timer for 30 minutes.

Stag Games

8.Alternatively, you can give everyone a different nationality or character at the start of the night and they must continue to do the voice for a set period of time.

9.No one is allowed call anyone in the party by their first name, surname or nickname. Doing so results in a shot.

10.The groom must get 50 women to sign his shirt by a certain time or submit to a forfeit.

Stag Games

11.Take turns to name a category throughout the night and have everyone in the party name relevant items until they run out. Loser does a penalty.

12.If you don’t want to keep track of random games throughout the night, dare cards are easily bought and can be taken out at regular intervals throughout the party.

13. The best man gets everyone to flip a coin and shout out ‘heads’ or ‘tails’. Losing members of the party must do a shot.

Stag Games

14.When the best man shouts ‘Shark Attack,’ everyone must get their feet off the floor; the last person to do this has to down his drink and then gets to be the shark spotter.

15.Take turns stacking beer bottle caps on top of each other. The person to knock over the stack has to take a drink.

16.Any member of the party can stand up and say “I’m Spartacus,” raise their glass and chug their remaining drink. Once they do, everyone else must stand up, raise their glass, say “I’m Spartacus” and down whatever drink they have.

Stag Games

17.Everyone is given a peg and a condom at the start of the night. The challenge is to clip the condom to a random person without them noticing. If you get caught, you must down your drink, buy the person a drink and then try again with a new person until you succeed.

18.Every time the best man blows a whistle, everyone must dance until the whistle is blown again. Failure to dance or dance with proper enthusiasm results in a forfeit.

19.Select five words to be banned for the night. If anyone uses one, they incur either a penalty shot or they must down their drink – whichever will cause the most damage.

20.Every member of the group must serenade a random girl with a love song during the night.