Back to Basics: Stag Do Traditions to include in your Celebrations

Aug 17, 2016 | Stag Party

Strippers, shaving eyebrows, getting the groom arrested – these old stag do traditions are dying out as grooms and their friends favour a ‘bro bonding’ weekend over a ‘ruining the groom’s life’ night. Maybe we’re just older and wiser now…

But there are still plenty of stag do traditions from Ireland and around the world to choose from if you want your stag to have a traditional flavour.

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We believe these 15 Stag Do Traditions may inspire you…

1. While it’s called a stag party here in Ireland and also in the UK, it’s called a bucks’ party in Australia. Choosing those animals was supposed to represent the impressive manliness and virility of the guys involved in the night.

2. In Ireland and across the world, the person typically responsible for the organising the stag do is the best man. If he fails to do so, you should rethink that ‘no shaving eyebrows’ policy. The best man asking for help from the groomsmen is acceptable, but he should be the overseer of things.

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3. Golden Rule of All Stag Parties Ever: What Goes On Tour Stays On Tour.

4. Humiliating the groom-to-be is a long-standing stag do tradition. Telling embarrassing stories, making him do a couple of humiliating dares and maybe giving him something stupid to wear is all perfectly acceptable. Just try not to go overboard or feel the wrath of his fiancée upon you.

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5. Shots. What is a stag party without shots? Guys in attendance should have no issue putting their hands in their pockets to buy the stag a shot and downing that burning blast of alcohol is a common penalty for anyone who fails to perform a dare.

6. The Stag Kitty is becoming a popular addition to stag parties in an effort to combat anyone trying to get out of paying for drinks. At the start of the night, an amount is agreed and everyone adds his share to a jar or envelope, which is given to the most responsible and trustworthy person in the group. This way people can’t dodge rounds and everyone pays a fair share. If there’s money left over the next day, it’s put towards breakfast rolls.

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7. Dressing up has definitely become a popular tradition these days. In the past, the groom was usually put in a dress or something equally embarrassing, but now the whole group gets involved, choosing a fun theme and donning costumes. Stag Team t-shirts are alternatives for people who don’t want to spend the night as a Smurf.

8. If you want to embrace a Hungarian tradition, a formal stag party is held after the engagement during which the bride-to-be presents her fiancée with a special shirt and black apron. Then on the more familiar stag night, the groom’s friends make him wear those two items and walk around the town in them.

9. This tradition is popular in Australia, but seeing as so many of our friends have spent time there in recent years, it’s one we can adopt ourselves – dressing the groom in a ‘mankini’.

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10. Another element that’s risen in popularity over the last decade is ‘dares and forfeits’ during the night. Whether it’s in the form of drinking games or dare cards, or a list of challenges that must be completed by the end of the night, failure will result in some serious penalties.

11. If you’re attending a Russian bachelor party or throwing one for a Russian friend, an afternoon trip to the ‘banya’ is a long-standing tradition. The banya is a Russian bathhouse resembling a sauna and a good way to get your body in good shape before adding all that alcohol. And speaking of the banya…

12. At a traditional Finnish stag party, all attendees will visit a special smoke sauna, which needs to be prepared for more than eight hours beforehand. Here you’ll sit in a hot, smoky room reaches temperatures of over 70°C and alternative with a couple of drinks to the cold showers or an icy lake, in certain places. We’d be glad of a stiff drink after that…

stag do traditions

13. Pranks are a must during a stag night, whether it’s writing on the face of whoever passes out or tying the groom to a lamppost (just for a short while).

14. In Argentina, pranks are taken one step further as the groom often finds himself stripped of all his clothes and driven naked throughout the city in a car so everyone knows he’s getting married.

15. If the groom won’t agree to streak or be tied naked to a lamppost, then borrow from Switzerland. At a Swiss stag, random squares are drawn on the groom’s pants and as the party goes from bar to bar during the night, random girls are given a pair of scissors and asked to cut out one square each.

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