10 of the Best Stag Destinations in Europe

Nov 12, 2016 | Stag Party

If a stag weekend abroad is something you’ve dreamed about since you were a little boy in Spiderman pyjamas (*cough*), then Europe is a great place to host your festivities. Vegas may be the obvious choice, but between the high cost and jet lag, it’s often not really worth it. Here are 10 of the best stag destinations in Europe that offer a mix of day- and night-time activities and places to make (or lose) memories…

stag destinations in europe

Best Stag Destinations in Europe #1. Amsterdam, Holland

What better way to start this list than with the coolest place in Europe? Amsterdam has been a popular destination for stag dos and lads’ holidays for years, guaranteeing you a weekend of no-holds-barred fun. Beer can be bought at great prices – although spirits can put a dent in your wallet – and there are plenty of strip clubs and coffee shops available to make you feel like you’re living up to stag party expectations.

Just don’t do anything that could cancel your wedding…

stag destinations in europe

Best Stag Destinations in Europe #2. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s a popular stag destination for good reason. There’s something here for everyone, regardless of what you expect from a stag. Grab a beer and kick back at the beach and go jet-skiing; explore the city and all of the amazing things it has to offer, taking some time to chill at the Arab baths; or do some traditional activities like shooting or paintballing.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants, but many clubs have a dress code, so don’t turn up in runners. Some charge you to get in, but you’ll usually get a free drink, so it balances it out a little. Barcelona does have a problem with pickpockets, so take care once you’ve had a few drinks.

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Best Stag Destinations in Europe #3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a gem of Eastern Europe and has earned itself a great reputation for stag parties over the years. The city is eclectic and buzzing with life and with plenty of pubs and bars, you’re guaranteed some crazy nights out. Stick with beer and make your drinking money go far – just beware that sticking to Old Town means you’ll pay more for alcohol than you should.

English is widely spoken, so you shouldn’t have trouble being understood, but you may struggle a little to get used to the Czech currency. 30 Krona is equal to a little over €1.

stag destinations in europe

Best Stag Destinations in Europe #4. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a little cheaper than Prague, but it’s currency will probably cause a lot more confusion, especially after a few drinks. Best thing you can do is work out how much you want to spend in Hungarian Forint in advance rather than trying to calculate on the fly. €1 is equal to a little over 300HUF.

Currency confusion aside, Budapest is a great choice for stag parties and really isn’t that expensive. Keep in mind that Hungarian alcohol is VERY strong, so you may want to stay loyal to familiar brands. If you do decide to sample some local produce, you can nurse your hangover the next day in some of the cities famous hot springs.

Best Stag Destinations in Europe #5. Berlin, Germany

Germany is the home of beer, so what better place to party with the lads before your upcoming nuptials! As well as beer and beer-related happenings, there are plenty of standard stag activities you can organise, like go-karting.

Nightlife in Berlin is amazing, but beware – clubs will not allow large groups of men in, so you’ll need to break up in small groups of two or find some girls to go clubbing with. It’s also recommended you book in advance as some of Berlin’s clubs are world-famous and sell out early.

stag destinations in europe

Best Stag Destinations in Europe #6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is known across the globe as the city of festivals, but even if you don’t visit during the summer, a Edinburgh stag will always be a success. With a pub culture to rival Dublin, there are plenty of places to spend your nights (or days, if that’s the plan), as well as lots of whiskey tasting opportunities.

If you want to leave the bar stool for a few hours, dress the group in kilts and visit the mini-Highland Games nearby, take part in a game of Bubble Football or go canyoning if you’re a little more adventurous. Oh and no stag worth his salt would miss the Royal Mile where pubs close at 6am and open right back up at 8am.

stag destinations in europe

Best Stag Destinations in Europe #7. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is a relatively new addition on the Irish stag radar; however, the Scandinavians have been aware of it for much longer. As the crowds from Sweden and Finland increase, prices are creeping up, but it’s still great value, especially compared to Ireland, the UK and other major European cities.

Despite its small size, the Estonian city has a lot to offer stag parties, including the opportunity to go shooting in an old Soviet base.

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Best Stag Destinations Europe #8. Riga, Latvia

Riga is another Eastern European city that is quickly growing in popularity among stag parties, especially with cheap flights available from Ryanair. It has all the usual activities stag attendees enjoy, such as paintballing and off-road driving. The city has plenty of bars and clubs and a guided pub crawl is a great option.

When it comes to strip clubs, you’re probably best abstaining in Riga. The majority are dodgy and most foreigners find themselves extorted in dangerous situations, so rather than trying to guess, just enjoy the rest of the city’s nightlife.

Best Stag Destinations in Europe #9. San Antonio, Ibiza

If you have a stereotypical stag do in mind, which involves clubbing, drinking and scantily clad young ladies, then Ibiza is an obvious choice. With cheap drink, sun, beaches and more clubs than you’ve ever dreamed of, Ibiza is still a party town, with San Antonio acting as its ‘good time’ capital.

Even Wayne Rooney had his stag party there…

stag destinations in europe

Best Stag Destinations in Europe #10. Newcastle, England

If you want somewhere closer to home, but with a similar party vibe to Ibiza, then Newcastle is a great choice – as long as you don’t mind the lack of sun! The city centre has an incredible number of clubs and bars and crazy night’s out are practically compulsory for the locals, making it the ideal spot for a stag party that wants to cut loose.