Post-wedding day activities: The Pros, the Cons and the Options

Mar 10, 2017 | The Big Day

Weddings are not so much about the ‘big day’ anymore so much as the ‘big weekend’. Getting all of your loved ones together for a major celebration is a rare and special event, so more and more couples are turning the occasion into weekend-long extravaganzas with lots of post-wedding day activities.

As amazing as a three-day party sounds, there are a number of things to consider before you decide on activities for the day or days after the wedding, from cost to location. If you do decide to go for it, there are some very cool options for you.

post-wedding day activities

Post-Wedding Day Activities: What to consider

The money

The chances are that you’re already pushing your budget with the wedding itself, so the financial aspect of post-wedding day activities is going to be pretty significant. If you simply can’t afford another day of activities, then don’t go for it – you’re under no obligation to do it, and the wedding day is the main attraction. If you have your heart set on doing something special the next day but you’re still worried about the cost, consider keeping it a low-key session.

post-wedding day activities

The location

While it’s difficult enough to get people to take a full weekend off for an extended wedding celebration, the reality is that they will not want to travel too far either – especially the day after giving it loads at the wedding. Whether you’re heading to a pub or an activity centre, make sure it’s close by to the wedding location – otherwise you’ll find that the numbers will dramatically drop.

The organisation

You will need to look into what’s on offer in the area, and book ahead. Some places, such as pubs, restaurants and activity centres might need numbers ahead of the day, so this is something you need to keep in mind also.
Think of your guests and what they might like – and be able – to do the day after the wedding.

Once you have decided to go ahead with some post-wedding activities, you have a number of options.

post-wedding day activities

Post-wedding day activities #1: Pub session

This is likely to be the most popular option after the antics of the day and night before, as it’s low-key and relaxed, and your guests – and you – won’t have to put in a major effort. Some pub-grub, a few drinks and a sing-song is the perfect way to spend the day after a night of hard-partying.

post-wedding day activities

Post-wedding day activities #2: Barbecue

This is more popular for summer weddings, obviously, and it’s a really nice way of getting everyone together for a relaxed evening of good food, drink and conversation. Again, keeping it casual and low-key is usually a safe bet, and with most people nursing a hangover the feed will do them good!

post-wedding day activities

Post-wedding day activities #3: Outdoor activities

While this is not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a great way to get your guests outside and enjoying the fresh air together. Obviously it depends on your location and what’s available to you, but clay-pigeon shooting, archery lessons and orienteering are all popular activities for wedding parties. While this can be a lot of fun, just think about the cost and consider the numbers of those will be up for taking part.

post-wedding day activities

Post-wedding day activities #4: Open brunch

We’re not talking about the hotel breakfast buffet here, but a special spread – think breakfast pastries, hot food, Champagne and orange juice, etc. – just for your guests. Making this an ‘open’ brunch that runs for a few hours allows your guests the opportunity to have a lie in and stop by when it’s safe to lift the head from the pillow.

post-wedding day activities

Post-wedding day activities #5: Relaxation day

If your hotel has a spa, why not take advantage and book some treatments for your guests? While this could be expensive, there should be packages, deals and even concessions if you have held your reception there. This is the perfect way to thank and treat your guests – especially those who are feeling a little tender from the day before.