Engagement Ring: What you need to know to pick the perfect one

May 27, 2016 | Proposal

The prospect of choosing an engagement ring for your other half is enough to bring most men out in a cold sweat, but the experience really shouldn’t fill you with dread if you do your homework first. With enough preparation and a smattering of common sense, you will be well equipped to choose an engagement ring for your girlfriend that will make her say yes.

While it may seem like a foreign language at first, you’ll soon find yourself throwing words like ‘platinum band’ and ‘solitaire-cut’ around like nobody’s business, so do not panic.

Do. Not. Panic.

engagement ring

Engagement Ring Tip #1: Consider your budget

Traditionally, a man was supposed to spend two months of his salary on his beloved’s engagement ring, but in this day and age, it’s simply not that cut and dry.

While you may want to spend everything you have on her heart’s desire, it’s important to establish a realistic budget when it comes to this milestone in your relationship.

It may not sound romantic right now, but it’s a damn sight more ideal than waking up with a pit in your stomach because you decided to re-mortgage the house on a piece of jewellery.

Engagement Ring Tip #2: Assess her jewellery box

Most women tend to separate their costume jewellery from their expensive or sentimental pieces, so be sure you’re rooting in the correct jewellery box first!

By having a look through her expensive jewellery, you’ll get a fantastic overview of styles she thinks are worth investing in. If, for example, your girlfriend’s high street jewellery tends towards the flamboyant, but her treasured pieces are incredibly subtle, then be sure to take that into account before stepping foot into that jewellers.

Customising engagement rings is par for the course these days, so don’t panic if your idea of an engagement ring doesn’t appear to fit in with her style – there is one out there for her, believe us!

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Engagement Ring Tip #3: Collaborate

Even if you’re feeling confident, if you want to have THE ring when you get down on one knee, it’s a good idea to speak to her best friend, sister or mum (or all the above!) before choosing one. There’s a good chance your soon-to-be fiancée has spoken to one of these people about it before, so they’ll be able to help you out.

Engagement Ring Tip #4: Choose a good jewellers

After deciding how much you are happy to splash out and what kind of ring you’re looking for, it’s important to
decide on a particular shop and a establish a rapport with the staff.

Doing your research when it comes to this is absolutely paramount: check out online reviews, speak to married friends and drop in to a few reputable stores in order to get a feel of the place and their stock.

It may seem excessive, but putting serious thought into the place you decide to make the purchase will stand to you in the long run should you need any help down the line.

A good jeweller will be able to advise you on the durability of the band, the cut of the diamond and the overall style of the piece, so don’t rush into a relationship with any one jeweller before doing your homework.

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Engagement Ring Tip #5: School yourself on her size

While this one is easily fixed if you do get it wrong, it’s a nice touch if you get it right the first time.

By simply nabbing a ring your girlfriend won’t miss for a couple of hours, your chosen jeweller will be able to tell you her ring size in no time – just try and grab one she wears on her ring fingers as they’re a little thinner than the index and middle ones.

If, however, you simply didn’t get your MacGyver on in time and have to resort to guess-work, speak with your jeweller, let him advise you on the most popular size, hope for the best and remember re-sizing a ring is no biggie!

Engagement Ring Tip #6: Tie up loose ends

While you may think your work is done once you finally choose the perfect band, it’s important to remember there’s another step before you pop the all-important question.

Insuring the ring, obtaining a warranty and acquiring a certificate of authenticity are all vital before you leave the jewellers and embark on the next big chapter of your life.

Like deciding on a budget, it can feel like you’re taking the romance out of the whole process, but believe us, Future You will thank you when Future Wife is in tears because she’s lost or damaged her most treasured possession.

Once that’s all done, it’s time to see the fruit of your efforts and begin planning the wedding!