Photo Booth Fun: How to set one up at your Wedding

Mar 31, 2017 | The Big Day

Wedding photo booths have definitely increased in popularity over the last few years and while they may not be a necessity, they really do add a great element to your wedding. From providing guests with entertainment to leaving you and the bride with hilarious pictures to look back on, they really can be an asset. Here’s what you need to know about providing a photo booth at your wedding.

Photo Booth

Benefits of providing a wedding photo booth

Encourage people to loosen up

While photographers will take many candid shots during the day, they will probably also ask guests and members of the wedding party to pose for some pictures – something that makes a lot of people feel awkward.

Having a photo booth on site, maybe during the drinks reception, will encourage people to relax and have some fun with pictures, meaning the professional photos will look a lot more natural.

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Get people talking

What better way to get strangers at your wedding talking than by asking if they’ve used the booth and sharing their funny photos. It gives everyone an ice-breaker (as opposed to “Wasn’t it a lovely ceremony?”) and you’ll start to see people pull unknown guests into their photos as things progress.

The memories

Yes, the posed photos are nice, as are the snaps of people sitting at their tables or chatting at the bar, but a photo booth really encourages people to get wacky and have some real fun. Here you’ll catch pictures of genuine laughter and good times.

Photo Booth

Things to consider when renting a photo booth

  • Many photo booth companies will provide props, but take stock of what they will be supplying and add your own in if necessary.
  • Consider how long you want it at your wedding. Do you just want it for the drinks reception or after dinner? Would you like it for the full day or just a couple of hours to get people excited? Length of time will affect the price.
  • Can you personalise the printed photos? For example, can they have X & X’s Wedding 2016 written in the border?

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Tips for setting up a DIY photo booth

1. Use a good camera if you can

Realistically you’re probably going to get better results from a good DSLR than you will with a €40 digital camera. If you’re worried about it getting damaged, you could either ask members of the wedding party to take turns monitoring it or just accept that it’s not worth the risk. If you opt for a digital camera, try to buy or borrow one that’s good quality and do a few test runs to make sure there aren’t issues with the zoom.

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2. Make sure your camera is secure

The last thing you want is the tripod collapsing or a drunk person knocking your expensive DSLR over. Be sure the tripod is sturdy and properly set up and secure it to the floor as best you can. You should also position it in a place that is away from crowds but gives people using your DIY booth enough space to get in front of the camera without hitting off it.

3. Don’t forget the batteries

This is something you could easily forget to do. If you’re using rechargeable batteries, make sure it’s fully charged beforehand and have a spare on standby. If buying a spare isn’t an option, have the charger with you, so you can give the battery a quick zap if necessary.

Photo Booth

4. Set it up in a safe place

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • It gives your guests a little space and privacy to get wacky;
  • It makes it easy to create a uniform background;
  • You’re minimising the chance of a drunk person knocking the camera over;
  • It’s easier to keep the camera and props in the same place.
  • Find a corner of the room to set things up and give your guests a great photo booth experience.

Photo Booth

5. Create a background

Whether you hang a big curtain or a piece of fabric, you need to do something to create a background to the photos. Other options include crepe paper streamers, balloons or even doorway hangings secured to a wall.

Photo Booth

6. Provide some props

Raid a Euro store or costume shop for cheap props or download designs that can be attached to cardboard and sticks, like fake moustaches. No photo booth is complete without a boxful of props to encourage your guests to get creative, loosen up and have fun.

7. And of course, a picture frame

They have to stand behind something!

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