Proposals 101: How to organise the perfect proposal abroad

Aug 8, 2016 | Proposal

A lot of guys like the idea of making the Big Day extra special by doing the proposal abroad. Better weather, a romantic setting, a relaxed state of mind – all of these things can make a proposal abroad perfect.

However, it can be a little harder to plan than a home proposal. If you and your girlfriend are heading on holidays anyway, you can get away with just planning one romantic afternoon or evening, but if the whole holiday is your idea – under the guise of a birthday, anniversary or spontaneous treat – then there’s a little more to think about.

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Planning a Proposal Abroad: The main components

The Location

There are typically romantic cities, like Paris or Rome, but the place you choose doesn’t need to be an official ‘City of Love’. If your girlfriend loves travelling, any new city would do the trick – she’ll be high on the excitement of ticking another place off her map. Similarly, a location she already loves or that has something she enjoys, like scuba diving, would be a great pick for that proposal abroad.

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The Ring

Picking the ring in the first place can be stressful enough, but travelling with it opens up a whole host of new worries. If you keep it on your person, what if it’s discovered when you go through Airport Security? If you leave it in your bag, what happens if the airline loses your suitcase? Then once you give it to your girlfriend, is she the type of person who would feel anxious about losing it during the trip?
If none of these things worry you, bring the ring; if you think they’ll add unnecessary stress, bring a temporary dress ring to use a placeholder.

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Getting there

Travelling can be stressful and the main aim of a proposal holiday is to minimise anxiety and embrace relaxation – and propose, obviously. Avoid awkward connecting flights that raise the risk of lost suitcases and missing planes. You should also make sure that wherever you arrive is close to the place you want to go. You don’t want to spend hours on dirty buses to get to your final destination.

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Where to stay

Hostels are probably not the best option – post-proposal you two will want quite a bit of ‘alone time’. AirBNB is a great option, as you’ll have an entire house or apartment to yourselves. Alternatively, if your budget can stretch to it, a nice hotel room with champagne and room service can really set a mood.

Whatever you choose, research online reviews thoroughly; you don’t want to get stuck somewhere with terrible service and bed bug infestations.

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Planning Activities

The proposal is the main event, of course, but you should have a few other things lined up to support it. You want the whole trip to be amazing and not be left twiddling your thumbs until proposal time – this is definitely a holiday for many life-long memories. If it’s a favourite city of hers, take her to a few places you know she really loves. If it’s a new city, sign up for a walking tour, boat ride or even a fun local activity like wine tasting or horse riding.

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Where to pop the question

So after planning an entire trip, when exactly do you get down on one knee? Should you do it during a particularly exciting activity, after a romantic meal or while taking a midnight walk along a river? And on top of that, should you do it in the middle of the trip or on the last night?

Proposing early on is probably the best idea. Not only does it mean you can stop stressing about this huge secret, it also gives you both a few days to really enjoy the holiday as an engagement trip. Plus, there’s a good chance she’ll become suspicious after several days of planned activities and romantic gestures…