Mexico Honeymoon: Top Tips for a Successful Trip

May 1, 2017 | Honeymoon

Sun, sea, culture, great food and the home of tequila – really what more could you want in a honeymoon destination? If this sounds good to you (and really, how could it not?), follow our top tips to make the most of your Mexico honeymoon

SmartGroom’s Top Tips for the perfect Mexico Honeymoon

Mexico HoneymoonTip #1. Eating

The reality is a lot of people end up with food poisoning or stomach problems at some point during their Mexican holiday. Obviously not the sexiest way to spend your honeymoon, so be sure to stock up on stomach tablets before travelling and only ever drink bottled water.

You’ll never know for sure whether food was treated with tap water, so try to avoid anything that isn’t cooked. It should also go without saying that buying seafood from a dodgy street stall is probably not a risk you should take. But once you’re smart, don’t be afraid to embrace eating while you’re there as Mexican food is some of the best in the world.

Mexico HoneymoonTip #2. Cocktails

Real men drink cocktails! Mexico is a great spot for a wide variety of fun and exciting cocktails. You’re on holiday in sunny paradise – don’t deny yourself those colourful drinks with cool umbrellas and straws. You know you love them and Child You would be proud. Enjoy…

Mexico HoneymoonTip #3. Sunburn

The sun is famously strong in Mexico and there are many tales of people who covered themselves in suntan lotion and still developed lobster skin within a couple of hours. Pasty Irish skin is particularly at risk, so bring strong sun block, as well as after-sun gel and try to stay in the shade.

Tip #4. Go Exploring

Yes, it’s tempting to lie in the sun all day with a drink in hand, but there’s so much more to Mexico. From ancient ruins to exciting rainforests, there is a lot of unique beauty in the country that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Mexico Honeymoon

Tip #5. All-Inclusives

If you’re on a budget, feel free to snap up a great all-inclusive deal. Undoubtedly, they’re a good way to save some money. However, it’s very easy to miss out on an authentic Mexican experience when you’re spending your day in a resort surrounded by other tourists and an endless supply of alcohol. If that’s your dream holiday then go for it, but if not, you’re going to have some regrets in the long-term.

Mexico HoneymoonTip #6. Haggle

Never pay the original asking price at a market. Never. To haggle is the norm so enjoy trying to get the best price possible…

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