How to keep your Wedding Party Entertained

Oct 29, 2016 | The Big Day

Whether they arrive a day early, stay a day longer or both, you guys will feel obliged to keep your wedding party – the bridesmaids, groomsmen and family entertained the whole time.

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Here are some activities you can slot in around the wedding to keep people happy and excited, while thanking them for all their hard work…

Wedding Party Activity #1. Games afternoon

Set up a room at your venue with board games and lots of snacks to keep everyone entertained for a few hours. Cheap, relaxing and guaranteed to bond your group.

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Wedding Party Activity #2. Barbeque

This is more popular for summer weddings, but if you get the weather, it’s a really nice way of getting everyone together for a relaxed evening of good food, drink and wedding gossip. Again, keeping it casual and low-key is usually a safe bet, and with most people nursing a hangover the feed will do them good!

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Wedding Party Activity #3. Caricaturist

Really fun idea if your wedding party is spending the day before the wedding at your venue – people may be a little too hungover the second day to want their face immortalised. It’s also something you can have at the drinks reception of your wedding if you want to push the boat out.

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Wedding Party Activity #4. Outdoor activities

While this is not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a great way to get your guests outside and enjoying the fresh air together. Obviously it depends on your location and what’s available to you, but clay-pigeon shooting, archery lessons and orienteering are all popular activities for wedding parties. While this can be a lot of fun, just think about the cost and consider the numbers of those will be up for taking part.

Wedding Party Activity #5. Cooking Class

It’s one that some guys will grumble about but nearly everyone ends up enjoying a cooking class. You get to hang out with friends and family, learn some new dishes (your groomsmen can impress future girlfriends!) and of course, pig out on everything you’ve made afterwards.

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Wedding Party Activity #6. Tarot reader

This is something really crazy and unusual and your wedding party will enjoy the novelty of getting their fortunes told.

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Wedding Party Activity #7. Open brunch

We’re not talking about the hotel breakfast buffet here, but a special spread – think breakfast pastries, hot food, Champagne and orange juice, etc. – just for your guests. Making this an ‘open’ brunch that runs for a few hours allows your guests the opportunity to have a lie in and stop by when it’s safe to lift the head from the pillow.

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Wedding Party Activity #8. Karaoke

Not ideal before the wedding if you want everyone to still have a voice on the day, but the perfect way to cut lose the day after the wedding.

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Wedding Party Activity #9. Take a Group Tour

Hire a tour guide and take a walking or cycling tour of the area you’re in. It’s a nice way to see more of the region and also a nice way to bond. Schedule a stop at a café or restaurant for sustenance.

Wedding Party Activity #10. Pub session

This is likely to be the most popular option after the antics of the day and night before, as it’s low-key and relaxed, and your guests – and you – won’t have to put in a major effort. Some pub-grub, a few drinks and a sing-song is the perfect way to spend the day after a night of hard-partying.