Honeymoon Ideas: 10 Bucket List Activities for Couples

Apr 7, 2017 | Honeymoon

So, you have your location picked, flights booked and hotel paid for, but now you’re wondering what to do during those blissful newlywed days together. If you’re looking for honeymoon ideas, check out our collection of bucket list activities you can complete together and get your marriage off to an exciting start…

The Best Bucket List Honeymoon Ideas

#1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

It’s definitely not something you’d do on a normal day and what a great way to get the perfect view of a scenic spot.

honeymoon ideas#2. Bungee Jumping

If you’re an adventure junkie or if you just like a thrill, many countries have opportunities to bungee jump.

#3. Fly First Class

If you have the money, flying first class is a great experience that turns an uncomfortable long-haul flight into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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#4. Get Tattoos

They don’t need to match or contain each other’s name, but you can still get tattoos together to commemorate your trip.

#5. Horseback Riding

Ireland may be famous for its race horses, but how many of us have actually been on one?

honeymoon ideas#6. Put on a Show

If you’ve never performed in front of a crowd, sign up together at a karaoke night and pick a song that means something to you both. Doesn’t have to be romantic – you just need to have fun.

#7. Experience a Sunset

There are some really awesome sunset experiences available in the world, so if you’re honeymooning somewhere with impressive scenery, make the effort to catch a sunset or sunrise (or both in one night).

honeymoon ideas#8. Take a Road Trip

If you’re planning a two-week holiday, rent a car and spend a portion of it just driving from one point to another over a few days to see what you discover along the way.

honeymoon ideas#9. Adventurous Dining

Make a list of the weirdest food that your holiday destination is famous for and make a pact to try each one together.

honeymoon ideas#10. Diving with Sharks

You may have tried scuba diving or snorkelling before but what about something more adventurous? Swimming with sharks is possible in a lot of honeymoon location and an experience neither of you will forget in a hurry.

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