How to pick your Honeymoon Destination

Nov 8, 2016 | Honeymoon

Weddings are great and all, but the honeymoon just might be the best part of the whole thing. Lazing on a beach or exploring a new city, whatever your honeymoon destination, you know you’re guaranteed a great trip.

Here’s how to organise a top notch honeymoon…

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Honeymoon Destination 101: Set a Budget

You may have big dreams, but before you even begin researching destinations, sit down and work out your budget. Be honest with yourself – you’re not going to enjoy the trip have as much if it’s put you severely in debt. Whether your budget is €500 or €10,000, there’s a holiday out there for the both of you to relax and enjoy.

If you do have a big holiday in mind, consider setting up a honeymoon fund instead of a gift registry for your wedding; that way anyone stuck for present ideas can make a donation.

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Honeymoon Destination 101: Figure out the time

Once you have your budget, it’s time to figure out just how much time you have for this holiday. If you’re leaving straight after the wedding and had to take some time off for that, you may be a little short. Add up your holidays and consider the possibility of taking unpaid leave or working overtime in the lead-up if you need a few extra days to do something special.

Honeymoon Destination 101: Choose a Theme

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Short-haul city trip

If you both enjoy wandering around bustling European cities, visiting museums and historic sites, then you save some amazing destinations to pick from in Europe. A couple of hours on a plane can get you to the cafes of Paris, the bazaars of Istanbul or the street cars of Lisbon.

Long-haul city holiday

If you fancy something further afield, and have a little more time and cash to spend, the US is always a great choice. Whether you choose New York, San Francisco, Miami, Washington or Boston, you’ll have a memorable honeymoon full of busy days. consider less-expensive

Cities with a difference

If you like a little more adventure with your city break, head south of the US and visit Havanna, Cuba or Buenos Aires in Argentina. Alternatively, you could visit Asia and spend some time in Tokyo or Beijing – it’s a special trip just made for a honeymoon.

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Big adventure

Maybe you’d both like to start ticking the seven wonders of the world of your travel bucket list; if so, start with a trip to Machu Picchu and Incan Empire. Africa also holds some amazing opportunities for an adventurous holiday.

If you’d prefer something with a little less hiking and sweating, why not plan a road trip in the States? Drive along the East Coast, which stretches from Maine to Florida, but you can get a lovely taste of the Northeast by road tripping just through Maine.

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Beach holidays

If sun and Sangria is your thing. there’s a beach out there for you. Whether you spend a few weeks chilling in Spain or try somewhere different like the Mediterranean or even the Caribbean, try to find a location where there are other activities to enjoy as well. You can only bake in the sun for so long.


If you want to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime holiday, take a cruise! You can see a number of different cities very easily and at a great price. Choose from a South American excursion to a Scandinavian trip – whatever your preference, there’s a cruise for you and your new bride.

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Honeymoon Destination 101: Consider the Season

Once you’ve decided on the type of holiday you want, take some time to consider the time of year. If you’re holidaying during the height of summer, many popular destinations will be crowded with fellow travellers and more expensive than off-peak times.

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Honeymoon Destination 101: Research

Sites like TripAdvisor and even the news are worth reviewing if you’re picking a location that’s a little outside the norm. Maybe fighting has broken out in the region you planned on visiting; maybe it’s prone to dangerous heatwaves at the time you want to visit; maybe your wife will have to be wary about how she dresses. Research thoroughly beforehand and be sure you know what to expect.

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Honeymoon Destination 101: Don’t forget the extras

You may like the idea of the country you’ve picked, but will you actually be entertained there? If sitting by the beach becomes dull, are there things to see or do? If you decide to trek through Africa or India, will you have activities booked along the way so it’s not all walking?