The Honeymoon: One leisurely destination or an on-the-go trip?

Nov 22, 2016 | Honeymoon

For many couples, a honeymoon usually marks the longest holiday they’ll be able to take with many companies allowing extended holiday time to celebrate the marriage. While some are eager to spend the time relaxing and winding-down from all the wedding, others prefer to use the opportunity to do something huge that they normally wouldn’t have enough time to do.


Because of this, many newlyweds opt for a multi-destination honeymoon, where they can make the most of the unusual continent or region they’re visiting. Whether it’s trekking around Africa or discovering the secrets of South America, it’s the perfect chance for an adventure.

What Type of Honeymoon? The things you should consider first


Set a Budget

You may have big dreams, but before you even begin researching destinations, sit down and work out your budget. Be honest with yourself – you’re not going to enjoy the trip have as much if it’s put you severely in debt. Whether your budget is €500 or €10,000, there’s a holiday out there for the both of you to relax and enjoy.

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If you do have a big holiday in mind, consider setting up a honeymoon fund instead of a gift registry for your wedding; that way anyone stuck for present ideas can make a donation.


Figure out the time

Once you have your budget, it’s time to figure out just how much time you have for this holiday. If you’re leaving straight after the wedding and had to take some time off for that, you may be a little short. Add up your holidays and consider the possibility of taking unpaid leave or working overtime in the lead-up if you need a few extra days to do something special.

Identify the tone

Be honest with yourself – would you prefer to relax by a pool with a beer in your hand or do you want to experience something unique? You shouldn’t book a crazy adventure just because you feel the honeymoon HAS to be special. It’s going to be special regardless – it’s your honeymoon! – so rather than doing what’s expected, do what’s right for you guys as a couple. Maybe backpacking through India is the last thing you guys should be doing if it’s been a stressful wedding and you both hate heat, so why not take it easy with a city break and save the adventure for when you have the energy?


Planning a multi-trip honeymoon

If package holidays companies aren’t your thing, here’s how to plan your trip.

Pick a Region

Whether you’re visiting several countries or several cities, try to keep all your destinations in the same general region. You don’t want to spend most of your time on endless train journeys or long-haul flights.

Consider the season

Once you’ve decided on the area you’re visiting, do some research to ensure you’re visiting at the best time of year. If you’re holidaying during the popular summer months, many destinations will be crowded with fellow travellers and more expensive than off-peak times.


Keep things interesting

Try to shake things up and visit cities or countries with very different scenery. Fit in one mountain area, one beach, one historical city, etc, for a truly rounded trip you’ll remember.

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Plan your flights

Look around for the best multi-destination flights and also research low-cost carriers, such as Ryanair. Not only are they cheap, they may highlight an unusual destination that you hadn’t considered.