Why you should book a honeymoon cruise and how

May 3, 2016 | Honeymoon

Times they are a-changing and cruises are no longer for the silver surfers. More and more couples are opting for all-inclusive trips that allow them to see a number of exciting cities with very little effort. A honeymoon cruise holiday is the best of both worlds when you want to see the globe, but also relax after your wedding.

Honeymoon Cruise welcome on board

Benefits of booking a honeymoon cruise

You can finally relax

After all the stressful honeymoon planning, this is the perfect solution for the couple who wants to relax while making the most of their trip. This all-inclusive holiday means you don’t have to worry about getting from A to B or where to get food and many have spa facilities for you to avail of while on board.

Honeymoon Cruise ship

Great value for money

For one inclusive price you get accommodation, entertainment, meals and more. It really is the best value, especially if you want to see multiple locations. Many cruise providers also have a honeymoon registry that allows your wedding guests to contribute rather than buying you a gift.

No travel worries

No stressing about where to catch a train or how to find a bus – on a honeymoon cruise, you can enjoy multiple cities and cultures and the cruise ship does all the work of getting you there. You can fall asleep in one destination and wake up in a different one, without sleeping on a dodgy night train or an uncomfortable plane.

Food at your finger tips

No wandering the streets of a strange city looking for decent food or a restaurant that won’t rip you off. As well as easy-to-locate dining halls, cruises also have a variety of food available, from gourmet to buffet, and it’s usually included in the price.

Honeymoon Cruise Couple

See the world with little effort

There are so many itineraries available, depending on where you want to go, which allow you to see so much of an area of the world without expending energy or stressing over maps.

Things to do

There is never a shortage of things to do on a cruise, so you won’t be bored. Of course, you can relax by a pool or in the spa, but there are also plenty of fun classes and activities to enjoy during the day, not to mention plenty of entertainment at night.

Honeymoon Cruise ship

Honeymoon cruise destinations

Antarctica: Penguins, icebergs and glaciers – this is a part of the world very few people get to see, so why not experience it during the honeymoon?

Mediterranean: From the French Riviera to Greek Islands, this one of the most culturally varied routes, allowing you to see the best of several countries over a couple of weeks.

South Pacific: This is one for couples that enjoy the exotic side of life, but there is often a lot of time on the sea.

Baltic Sea: Like the Mediterranean cruise, you’ll see lots of countries in a short space of time, from Scandinavian cities to Russia (depending on your cruise liner).

Caribbean: Just as beautiful as the South Pacific route, but with shorter periods on the water.

Tips for making the most a honeymoon cruise

  • You don’t always get special treatment by telling people you’re on honeymoon, but if does work quite often and it never hurts to ask. Alerting your cruise liner could result in anything from a complimentary spa session to a bottle of bubbly.
  • If you’re on a ship with traditional dining, make sure to book your table early if you want a table for two rather than sharing with other passengers. You should also mention it’s your honeymoon, as staff will often make a special effort to seat you privately.
  • Some cruise lines offer couples’ massages in the spa and in some cases, in your room. These tend to book out early, so book asap.