The Groomsmen’s Wedding Suits: Who covers the cost?

Sep 24, 2016 | Style

There was a time when weddings were all about tradition; the parents of the bride paid for the reception, you could only have that gross fruitcake in the tiers of your wedding cake – the list goes on. Thankfully, things are different today, and a lot of these rules have gone out the window. This means that while there is no set procedure when it comes to your groomsmen’s wedding suits, you can be very flexible with your choices. While there is a lot to consider, there’s a solution for every budget and for every wedding.

groomsmen's wedding suits

Guidelines for the groomsmen’s wedding suits

Suit scenario #1: You’re feeling flush and you want to pay

With no set tradition in place, deciding whether or not to pay for your groomsmen’s suits is ultimately going to come down to cost. If you’re not working to a budget and you’re feeling flush, paying for your groomsmen’s wedding suits is a really nice, generous gesture to make. All you need to do is make sure everyone is there for the fittings, and you’re sorted.

Bear in mind that buying suits is expensive, and the decision may come down to the number of groomsmen you have. Investing for one best man or two groomsmen is very different to kitting out a merry band of five or six.

groomsmen's wedding suits

Suit scenario #2: You’re on a budget, but you still want to pay

If you’re on a pretty tight budget, but you still want to pay for the cost of your groomsmen’s wedding suits, rental is probably the best option. Renting wedding suits is considerably cheaper than buying a new one, and a lot of stores have really good deals going for wedding parties.

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Suit scenario #3: You’re on a budget, but you want to make a gesture

Sometimes there really is just no wiggle room, and you simply can’t afford to purchase the suits, even if you were to rent. In this case, even if you don’t have a big budget to blow, you can always make a gesture by buying one part or some pieces of the suit – the shirt and tie, the shoes, the cufflinks, etc.

groomsmen's wedding suits

Suit scenario #4: Your budget is too tight to pay

Firstly, don’t feel guilty if you can’t afford to pay for your groomsmen’s wedding suits – most people these days presume that they are going to be paying for their own suit when they agree to participate in a wedding. You’ll be glad to know, however, that there are options if your budget simply won’t allow for you to pay.

The first option is to call for black tie, where all that is required is a black suit and white shirt – basics that most men will already have in their wardrobes. Let your groomsmen know that they can take their pick when it comes to choosing their suit – they can choose it from their own wardrobe, they can rent, or they can purchase their own brand new suit. Just make sure you all have matching shoes on the day!

groomsmen's wedding suits

Do your research and seek out a reasonably-priced rental package or scheme from a good suit store, and get all of your groomsmen together to pick out their suits. If you are renting your own suit, obviously you could pick the same spot so that everyone is matching. As well as keeping things reasonable, this also allows you all to partake in a little male-bonding.

If you’re asking your groomsmen to rent or buy their own suits, and you have a certain store or style in mind, the first thing to do is take their financial circumstances into consideration. If you’re pushing the boat out and investing in a fancy designer suit for your big day, you can’t expect them to shell out the cash for a wedding that’s not their own.

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Basics to remember for every scenario

  • Be organised with figures, a list of garments, etc., early on into your planning
  • Talk to your groomsmen about the budget and what is expected of them as soon as possible
  • Always have some emergency black socks to hand for the day – someone is bound to forget!