Groom’s Wedding Outfit: How to add some Personality

Nov 1, 2016 | Style

While a groom should never upstage his bride in the clothes department, he should definitely stand out from his groomsmen and be the most stylish man in attendance. With most male guests likely to be wearing suits, it doesn’t hurt to add a little personality to the groom’s wedding outfit, so you stand out from the crowd.

groom's wedding outfit

It’s also a great way to put your personal stamp on the ceremony and it’s likely to help you feel more comfortable, especially if you’re not used to formalwear.

Here are some simple, but effective, ways to spruce up your suit.

Giving the groom’s wedding outfit flair

groom's wedding outfit


Grooms and their groomsmen just seem to love expressing themselves with socks! Usually it’s the only part of the outfit the bride doesn’t have a preference over, as they can be easily hidden, so it’s a safe way to shake things up.

You can wear bright colours, with the groomsmen donning matching pairs or opt for something that appeals to your specific tastes, whether it’s your favourite football team, band or movie.

Whatever you choose, just make sure they aren’t white.

groom's wedding outfit


This is probably the easiest way to add personality to what you’re wearing at the alter. Most grooms invest in new cufflinks for the occasion anyway and often gift them to the groomsmen as well, which means no extra effort. You can get identical plain designs for the guys and something special for yourself.

If you want to make it a group affair, you can buy cufflinks for you and your groomsmen under a specific theme. Maybe you all have a different member of Marvel’s Avengers on your cufflinks or a different character from Star Wars, depending on preferences. Cufflinks are an essential part of formal dressing, and a great opportunity to show off your personality with your wedding day look.

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Before we continue, let us just say that if you’re wearing a tie and that tie is not hidden by a waistcoat, you should knot it so that it ends around the centre of your belt buckle – not below.

Never below.

Now we have that taken care of, there are a number of ways you can get creative with your tie. Not only can you mix it up with colours and patterns (although make sure whatever you choose complements your outfit), there are also a number of textures to consider, from wool to silk, as well as width considerations. Wider ties tend to create a more classic appearance, while skinny ties are a modern alternative.

groom's wedding outfit


If wearing proper formalwear, it’s best to make sure your braces follow the rules, but if you’re wearing a suit or just a shirt, feel free to get creative.

groom's wedding outfit


This is a nice way to spruce up the groom’s wedding outfit and one that’s perfectly acceptable at a formal occasion.

Make sure you match your boutonniere to an overall colour theme of the wedding, whether it’s the bride’s bouquet or the centrepieces at the reception.

We also recommend waiting until right before the ceremony to put it on, so it looks its best for photos.

groom's wedding outfit

Pocket squares

Pocket squares create an effortless elegant look, while also allowing you to express your own personality. Add a pop to your suit with a solid colour or pattern that either matches or complements your tie.

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