How to nail the Groom’s Speech

May 28, 2016 | The Big Day

The groom’s speech may sound like a daunting task, but in reality this is probably the least stressful part of the groom’s day. Even when it comes to speeches, the bulk of the pressure in on the best man to make people laugh and the bride’s father to make everyone go ‘awh’.

For the most part, your speech simply consists of thanking people and no one is expecting you to blow everyone away with a dazzling oration.

Still though, there are a few things to take into account when putting your speech together…

groom's speech

The Groom’s Speech

The structure

Follow these simple guidelines and you can’t go wrong:

  •  – Start by thanking the bride’s father for his speech and anything he has done to help out.
  •  – Follow this with something nice about the bride’s mother.
  •  – Give a shout out to anyone else in the bride’s family who helped, like siblings or cousins.
  •  – Thank your own parents and say a few words about them.
  •  – Thank the bridesmaids, giving a special mention to the maid of honour and don’t forget to point out how gorgeous they look.
  •  – Feel free to add a short anecdote in here and there’s often there’s a toast given in their honour.
  •  – Thank your groomsmen and dedicate an extra minute to your best man.
  •  – Take a moment to mention close relatives or friends who have passed away, such as grandparents or parents.
  •  – Thank the guests for coming out and helping you both celebrate.
  •  – Finish up by thanking your beautiful bride and talking a little about how you met, the proposal or some other moment when  you knew she was the one.
  •  – Hand things over to your best man and maybe crack a joke about what he’s going to say.

Groom’s Speech Tip #1: Be prepared

Heed our words: if you do not write it down in advance, you will forget to thank people and those people will be annoyed. Not being prepared will also result in nervous ad lib and who knows what you’ll say or who you’ll end up offending!

groom's speech

Groom’s Speech Tip #2: Forget private jokes

The biggest mistake grooms and best men make when giving their speeches is cracking a load of jokes that only their friends or siblings will understand. Remember, half the people there were invited by your bride and in reality, many of the people on your side won’t understand why you shouting “Cornbread” is causing a total of four people to crack up laughing. Make sure your speech can be enjoyed by everyone there.

Groom’s Speech Tip #3: Keep the ‘hilarious’ stories to minimum

Your job is to thank people and say a few nice things about your new wife; it’s the best man who has to worry about making people laugh. Feel free to mention a couple of very short anecdotes about a few people you’re mentioning, but don’t launch into long rambling stories about that weekend the lads went to Galway. You’ll just bore your guests and the stories are rarely relevant.

groom's speechGroom’s Speech Tip #4: Thank everyone who has helped out

We’re mentioning this again because it really is your main job and you can’t screw it up. Print the structure we laid out for you at the start of this guide and follow it. Forgetting to thank someone is the kind of thing that could lead to a drunken row on the dancefloor later in the night.

Groom’s Speech Tip #5: Be nice

Irish people find it hard to be nice without severe sarcasm, but the groom’s speech is about recognising all the people who have helped you and your wife make it to this point. No one will laugh at you for getting a little sentimental about your parents, your bride or your best friend; in fact, for a lot of people, it’s one of the nicest things about a wedding. Plus you can blame it on all those drinks you were bought afterwards.