Groom’s Entrance: How to make a Splash at the Ceremony

Mar 27, 2017 | The Big Day

The groom kind of gets a short shift when it comes to wedding entrances. Usually he and the groomsmen arrive before the guests, so they can show people to their seats and make sure everything is in order. Then the bride arrives with a huge precession of people and that big wow moment when she appears in the doorway, while you were just twiddling your thumbs at the altar.

We want to feel pretty too!

As we always say, your wedding can be whatever you want it to be, so don’t feel you HAVE to stand quietly at the top of the aisle while everyone else has their fun.

Here are some creative ideas for the groom’s entrance – perfect for the groom who wants some spotlight.

Groom's Entrance

Groom’s Entrance #1. Let’s get ready to rumble

If you’re a WWE fan, a boxing supporter or you just really love the Rocky movies, give yourself the entrance you deserve before the bride and all her bridesmaids and flower girls appear. Get your best man to herald your entrance from the top of the aisle, announcer style, and enter wearing a personalised robe. Soak up the attention, rile the crowd and have a bit of fun.

And feel free to pick a theme song (you may have to tip the priest extra for that one if it’s a church wedding!).

Groom's Entrance

Groom’s Entrance #2. Stage a duel

We’ve seen it done with lightsabers on YouTube and it really is a fun way to kick off the wedding. Entertain guests while they wait for the bride’s arrival with a pre-wedding objection. Get a friend, groomsman or the best man in on the joke and while you stand patiently at the altar, have him stand up and challenge you to a duel.

Channel your inner Inigo Montoya or feel free to recreate the lightsabre gag – whatever you do, burn off those nerves with little fun.

Groom's Entrance

Groom’s Entrance #3. Meet halfway

Flashy entrances aren’t for everyone, but it doesn’t mean you don’t want SOME kind of entrance. If your bride is walking the aisle on her own (and even if she’s being walked by her dad), it’s a nice gesture to meet her halfway down and walk her up to the top. You can even add some fun to the mix by waiting for her with two glasses of champagne or wine or even two bottles of beer. Toast your new life, make a joke about nerves and then hand them off. Best done at a civil ceremony.

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Groom’s Entrance #4. Walk down your own aisles

If the church or venue has two aisles, you can both walk down either side and meet in the middle at the altar. This is probably best suited to a shy bride who wants some of the attention taken off her own entrance.

Groom's Entrance

Groom’s Entrance#5. Do it together

You’re going to be working together for the rest of your life, so why not start now? Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk the aisle and then follow them arm-in-arm as soon-to-be husband and wife. You can both share the spotlight, the bride will still enjoy gasps and you get to enjoy some of the attention.

Groom’s Entrance #6. Skip the aisle altogether

Both of you can enter from the sides of the alter/stage/etc. rather than walking up the aisle, meaning everyone can see you both and you get to share the entrance.

Groom’s Entrance #7. Flash mob

It takes a bit of work and some creativity, but if your wedding party is up for it, it can be a lot of fun and one hell of an entrance.

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