Wedding Present Checklist: Gift ideas for the Groom’s Dad

Oct 25, 2016 | The Big Day

He taught you how to shave, how to be a man, and how to treat a lady – now, as you enter the next phase of your life, it’s time to say “thank you” to your dad for all of those important life lessons.

groom's dad

While going for a pint down in the local pub might be Dad’s bonding activity of choice, push the boat out in honour of what is set to be a big day for not only you, but him also. Here are some ideas that he is guaranteed to love…

groom's dad

Groom’s Dad Gift idea #1: Hot towel shave

If he hasn’t had one of these before, even better – he is in for a very pleasant surprise. The ultimate facial treat for any man, this is a great his ‘n’ his idea that you can enjoy together.

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Groom’s Dad Gift idea #2: Spa day

A relaxing day at the spa is not just for the ladies, and this offers you time to get some much-needed rest and relaxation together. Many leading spas and hotels do package deals at different times of the year, so be sure to do your research before you book anything. Before you book in for any treatments, see if your dad has an ailments (back pain, stiff shoulders, etc.) that would be best suited to a specific treatment.

groom's dad

Groom’s Dad Gift idea #3: A fine whiskey

Or, in fact, any good bottle of his preferred drink. Perhaps you could share a tipple together on the eve of your wedding day, and toast the next chapter?

Groom’s Dad Gift idea #4: A round of golf

For the avid player, a round of golf on a good course will go down an absolute treat. Either purchase a voucher to be used whenever the mood takes him, or check out his schedule and surprise him on a day with perfect weather and conditions.

groom's dad

Groom’s Dad Gift idea #5: Fancy cufflinks

There is something about adding a pair of fancy cufflinks to a shirt that makes a man feel like 007. Whether you opt for a plain silver or gold pair, or some quirky ones, this is one gift that every man will appreciate. Add a little extra ceremony by asking him to wear them on your big day.

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Groom’s Dad Gift idea #6: Good cigars and lighter

If your dad is a smoker, he will no doubt appreciate a fine cigar. If you want to make the gift special, why not invest in a sterling silver lighter with an inscription of your wedding date, accompanied by some thoughtful words?

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Groom’s Dad Gift idea #7: Personalised photo album

You have shared some of your most important moments and memories together, so why not gather them together in one place? Dig out old photos that hold a special meaning to you and your dad, scan them onto a computer, print them out and arrange them in an album.

There won’t be a dry eye when you present him with this thoughtful gift.

groom's dad

Groom’s Dad Gift idea #8: Timepiece

Whether you invest in a wristwatch or a pocket-watch, a timepiece is a really nice idea that will get a lot of wear. He may have many watches from down through the years, but the one gifted to him by his son for his wedding will hold very special sentimental value to him.

Groom’s Dad Gift idea #9: Tie pin

A great gift to present to your father on your wedding day, a tie pin is one of those fancy accessories that a man brings out for a special occasion. Make the gift extra-special by getting the wedding date inscribed on it; a reminder of its special significance each time he wears it.

Groom’s Dad Gift idea #10: Memory box

Cover any old cardboard box in paper, then fill it with special mementos from your youth – ticket stubs, photos, cards, notes – anything of significance to your relationship with your dad. As you move on to the next phase of your life, you and your dad can return to this box to reflect on your memories from days gone by.