Groom Style: How to stand out as the Groom

Mar 15, 2017 | Style

It’s one of the biggest days of your life, so from the hair right down to the shoes, you want to be looking and feeling like a top man when you’re standing at that altar.

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While you may have a big white dress to contend with – not to mention a ‘glam squad’ tending to your bride’s every need – a bit of prep and forward-planning will ensure that you stand out in style on your big day…

Top tips to nail ‘Groom Style’ and stand out from the groomsmen

groom style

Groom Style tip #1: Focus on the little details

The suit is obviously the most important feature to get perfect, but the little details can make all the difference when it comes to wowing your wedding party. There is a lot to consider regarding those little extras, so make a list of all your options, and experiment.

The neck: While a tie may be your go-to on a normal day, this is a very special occasion, so it’s worth considering a dickie-bow or cravat. If that is a little flashy for your taste, make sure your tie has a great pattern and is made from the best material.

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The pocket: Pocket details can add a really cool finish to your wedding day look. Experiment with a patterned pocket-square, a flower pin or even a pocket watch. If you’re adding a square or a flower, try to coordinate it with the colour/ flower themes of the wedding.

The cuffs: A simple set of cufflinks can make all the difference to your look, adding an instant touch of suave sophistication. Plain silver or gold are always winners, but a quirky set will impress your groomsmen – just make sure they’re not too gaudy and don’t take away from your 007-level of coolness.

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Groom Style tip #2: Think outside of the box

While most grooms have a tendency to stick to the standard black-or navy-and-white formula when investing in their wedding suit, switching things up and making a break from the norm will cement your reputation as a seriously stylish groom.

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Colours: Step outside of the traditional palettes and embrace a little colour. If you want something a little out of the norm that isn’t too gaudy, swap the black and navy for a dark forest green or the deepest purple.

The shirt: If you’ve opted for a plain suit, you can always get creative with your shirt. A colourful or patterned (floral, polka-dot, tartan, etc.) shirt will add just the right amount of unique intrigue to your look.

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Groom Style tip #3: Invest in great tailoring

It’s an accepted fact of life that great tailoring always makes you stand out, and while it may be a tad expensive, it’s worth it to look like James Bond on your wedding day. If you really want to impress on your big day, look up a great tailor and invest a little extra cash on being suited and booted by a professional.

A well-tailored suit will fit like a glove and flatter your physique, ensuring that you are not only comfortable but also looking your best on your special day.

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Groom Style tip #4: Try out a new hairstyle

Your friends and family will be expecting you to show up with your usual haircut (just maybe a few inches shorter), so one way to really grab your guests’ attention is to surprise them with a brand new look.

It’s probably in your best interests to have an idea of what you want before heading in to your barber and giving them a free pass with their scissors. Look online or in magazines for a cut that you like and you think might work, bring it in for the barber to refer to, and maybe have a chat before they do anything drastic.

You might want to do a practice-run a few months in advance of your big day – if disaster strikes, you’ll need some time to grow your hair back!

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Groom Style tip #5: Choose vintage

For a truly unique look, hit up a vintage store and take a look through the treasures they have hanging among the rails. While it’s tempting to go to a premium store and get kitted out in a matching all-in-one suit, going vintage will ensure that your wedding look is one-of-a-kind. This is an especially good idea if you’re planning a more casual affair and thinking about channelling a retro look from another era. Researching vintage photos for style tips and inspiration will help you perfect the look.