Groom Mistakes: The Worst things a groom can do during Wedding Planning

Nov 16, 2016 | The Big Day

While tradition and Hollywood chick-flicks portray the bride as the Lady Commander of Wedding Planning, you’re damned if you think you’ll get away with just turning up on the day and saying “I do” (that’s Numero Uno on the list of Groom Mistakes).

Just like your future marriage, the success of your wedding day requires the time and effort of both the bride and the groom, so put your best foot forward and try to avoid making the following mistakes.

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Groom Mistakes #1: Not getting actively involved

There is a tendency for grooms to sit back and let their brides do all of the planning and work, and while she might be happy to charge ahead, this isn’t right or fair your partner or you. There are two of you in this relationship; it’s your day too, with your family and friends in attendance, and your opinions need to be counted. If you get as involved as possible in the planning, not only will your thoughts and preferences be taken on board, but there won’t be any nasty surprises on the day. This is the time to reveal your allergy to fish and hatred of lilies.

groom mistakes

Groom Mistakes #2: Leaving things until the last minute

We tend to heave a sigh of relief once the ceremony and reception are organised, but these aside, there is a long list of things that need your attention and planning – drawing up your guest list, organising the suits, choosing wedding rings, and so on. The key is to be organised and not leave things until the last minute. Sitting down with your partner and making a list of everything you need to do is the best way to avoid mistakes and last-minute rushing.

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Groom Mistakes #3: Settling when you’re unhappy

Whether it’s a bad investment or a decision to exclude someone from the wedding, there are too many stories of grooms resting on their laurels while their other half goes ahead with something they have not agreed upon together. If you’re dead set against something, speak up – otherwise, this will just breed resentment between the both of you, and you don’t want to be at each others’ throats before you have even become man and wife.

Groom Mistakes #4: Failing to communicate

There will be times where your partner and your family and friends will have their own unique preferences and suggestions and a balance will need to be struck between them. The worst thing you can do here is take a backseat and adopt the attitude that they can sort things out for themselves – take part in the discussion and, where necessary, mediate to keep the peace.

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Groom Mistakes #5: Not putting in the effort with the wedding party

This is a special time for everyone, and you need to put the effort in accordingly. When it comes to your partner, make sure that you join in on the excitement and that the lead-up to your wedding is filled with romantic gestures. Organising special little gifts or trips for the bridal party will also earn you extra brownie points.

Asking someone to be your best man is a significant moment too, so treat it accordingly. Pull out all the stops and make it special for him, so that he knows it actually means something to you. (Don’t actually say it though…never say it…)

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Groom Mistakes #6: Not taking time over your vows or speeches

These are some of the most important words you will ever speak, and if you are writing your own vows, you need to put the time, effort and research into them. Far too many people put the task on the long finger, waiting for that moment of inspiration to arrive, and then end up shoving their thoughts down in a mish-mash; the same goes for their speech. Even if you plan on being inspired in the moment, have a rough draft of something in your back-pocket to avoid any red-faced moments.

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Groom Mistakes #7: Not enjoying yourself

You’re marrying the person you love and having a massive party to celebrate with all of your family and friends – reason enough to embrace this special time and get excited, right? While the organisation can prove stressful, don’t let the logistics spoil this time. Factors such as cost, guest lists and gift registries should not be given the space to take away from your happiness.

This is your moment to shine, bro!

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