How the Groom should behave at the Wedding Reception

Mar 21, 2017 | The Big Day

After all those months of wedding planning stress, the big day is finally here. You’ve swapped an ‘I do’ without your fiancée fleeing the church, you’re the man of the hour, everyone’s telling you how great you look and now that the hard work is done, you’re finally able to relax at the wedding reception.

You wouldn’t be the first groom to indulge his desire to cut loose on his wedding day and you wouldn’t be the first to regret doing it either…

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Why you should show a LITTLE restraint at the Wedding Reception

We’re sure you’ve been a model fiancé and future son-in-law up until now, helping with wedding planning, charming the in-laws, dieting and exercising with your future wife and being an all-round great guy so as not to destroy the wedding.

But while the nervy church bit and your speech is over, you still have the power to ruin the festivities and lose favour with your new Mammy- and Daddy-in-Law, not to mention put a dampener on the honeymoon, depending on how much you’ve annoyed your wife.

Yes, it’s a party – YOUR party, in fact – and yes, you should have fun, but this is not the time for body shots or whipping your shirt off to dance on a table. Even if you have a six-pack courtesy of your wedding-prep personal trainer.

Tips to stop you from ruining the Wedding Reception

wedding reception

#1. Pace yourself

This is the most important rule. In fact, we’re going to say it again: pace yourself. Egged on by groomsmen, cousins, brothers and friends, a groom can often find himself downing drinks that morning, with things ramping up once the church part is over. Keep in mind that although you’ve planned a great meal, you may not get a chance to eat the entire thing if you’re a sociable guy mingling with all your guests. That means you’re drinking on a partially-full stomach, combined with the fact that it was most likely your only meal that day.

Avoid shots and downing beers as best you can, and keep alcohol mixing to a minimum. Try to keep a drink in your hand to deter people from offering you more – an empty hand is just asking for a double whisky.

#2. Make water your friend

No matter how careful you are, it’s going to be hard to avoid alcohol in the way you need to, so try to get a glass of water in you every hour to dilute things and stop you from getting too messy.

#3. Talk to everyone

Ideally it would be great to sit at a table with your new wife and best mates all night, but never forget you are the host of this shindig. Your guests have travelled, bought new outfits, sacrificed precious holiday days from work, bought you a gift and maybe even forked out for a babysitter to help you celebrate your big day, so the least you can do is spare a few minutes to chat.

Greet everyone outside the church or registry office or in a reception line into the dining area; after that you should make it your mission to get around to everyone again to say more than “Thanks for coming/Nice to see you”.

You’ll make a good impression on the bride’s family and friends by doing this, and your own guests will feel like they weren’t just added to the list out of obligation.

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#4. Discuss the cake-in-face situation

It’s one of those traditions that some couples like and others don’t. Let’s face it, the bride has made a lot of effort to look that amazing and may not be thrilled to have you slam a piece of cream-covered cake into her face.

Have chat beforehand and if she’s not up for it, don’t do it, otherwise you’re going to have to deal with one p***ed off bride.

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#5. Dance!

As hosts, you and your bride are going to set the tone for the wedding. If you guys are sitting quietly in a corner with your back to the dancefloor, other people are going to be reluctant to cut loose. You don’t have to be an amazing dancer and you don’t have to stay there all night, but you should definitely hang around for a few songs after the first dance and make a few trips back throughout the night. And be there for the final few songs.

Everyone is gravitating towards you and your new wife, so every time you hit the floor, you’re going to bring a gang of people with you. If a sure-fire way to get everyone moving and having fun.

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#6. And finally…take a few minutes for yourself

This is going to be a great, but busy and slightly overwhelming day. It’s easy to get caught up in the madness, but remember what the day is really about. No one will mind if you disappear from the wedding reception for 20 minutes to spend some time with your new bride and just process. Plus, it will make her happy to know you’re actually thinking of her and not just how much you look like Bond in your tux.