Wedding Gift Checklist: Gift ideas for the Best Man

Jun 5, 2016 | The Big Day

So your best man has put in a lot of work organising your stag party and you just know that he is worrying and stressing about his speech.  It’s only fair that you reward him for putting all that effort into your big day…

best man gift ideas

While us men tend to have a fairly good idea what our mates would appreciate in the present department, we don’t tend to make good on our knowledge and actually exchange presents all too often, do we? Christmas gifts are replaced by Christmas gargles, birthday presents are replaced by birthday pints and well, you get the picture.

As a result of this, the prospect of suddenly buying your mate a genuinely meaningful gift can make you cringe, but when that mate is your best man, it’s time to step up your game.

And while you might have nailed his Christmas gift (had you actually bought one), we’re afraid the latest Assassin’s Creed isn’t going to cut when it comes to your wedding. It’s time to get sentimental, but it’s OK – you can do this.

Thankfully SmartGroom has come up with some great Thank You gift ideas to get you out of a hole…

Best Man Gift idea #1: Festival / sporting tickets

Gifting someone with an experience rather than a material object is very on-trend right now, so if you’re down with the kids (and of course, you are) it’s worth considering this approach.

Splashing out on tickets for the next big festival or on his team’s next big game is a fantastic way to show your appreciation for the support he showed you on the lead-up to your big day.

And hey, there’s nothing stopping you from going along with him, right?

best man gift ideas

Best Man Gift idea #2: Watch / Cufflinks

As we all know, there are certain things we simply won’t buy for ourselves, but as a grateful groom you’re more than welcome to step in on that front.

A watch or a set of cufflinks are really special ways to thank your friend for performing the role of best man on your special day, so why not splash out on a new timepiece or stylish accessory?

Go that extra mile and have your thanks engraved on the back of the item you choose.

Best Man Gift idea #3: Hotel break

Your best man will have put a serious amount of effort into organising your stag night and keeping you from falling apart in the run-up to the big event – all of which requires more planning and dedication than you might acknowledge during the height of preparations.

Show him how much you appreciated his efforts by booking him and his significant other a night away after the wedding because chances are she did her fair share keeping him cool as he shouldered the duties required of a best man.

Best Man Gift idea #4: Photo collage/ memory book /DVD

It sounds girly but bear with us…

Often times, a groom’s best man is someone he has known for the vast majority of his life, and it’s likely that this is the case with you too. Remind him how much his friendship means to you by gifting him with something that acknowledges the childhood you spent together, the teenage years the pair of you stumbled through or the forgotten period that was your early twenties.

From customised photobooks and personalised storybooks to specially edited DVD’s, the options are endless when it comes to documenting the ups and downs you survived together. Let’s face it, the pair of you never laugh more than when recalling your most ridiculous moments, so why not put that in gift form?

best man gift ideas

Best Man Gift idea #5: Leather wallet

A leather wallet is the perfect addition to any bloke’s man bag, so why not splash out on one for the man who’s kept you sane in the run-up to your big day?

A quality wallet will stand the test of time and act as a daily reminder of the special part he played in his mate’s special day.

Both practical and sentimental; you’ll have nailed it with this one.

Best Man Gift idea #6: Personalised corkscrew/ bottler opener

Think about it, how many corkscrews or bottle openers do you go through in your life? Not that many, right? So why not have a seriously slick corkscrew personalised for your best man as a keepsake of your big day?

Show your appreciation by gifting him with every bloke’s favourite kitchen utensil.