How to do something different with the First Dance

Mar 13, 2017 | The Big Day

Yes, we know, turning awkward circles around your new bride is a time-honoured tradition among us men, but wouldn’t it be nice if we actually looked cool or had fun during that first dance?

Here’s your ultimate guide to nailing that notorious dance and earning calls for an encore!

First Dance: Your options at the wedding

first dance

When you just want to look good during the first dance…

So you don’t necessarily want to dazzle guests with flips and twirls, but you do want to avoid looking like a shuffling troll. In that case, we’d recommend getting one or two dance lessons or at the very least practice something simple with your fiancée, using the power of YouTube.

As the big day approaches, we’d recommend practicing a few times with your bride-to-be so you feel confident and are less likely to completely forget the few simple moves you’ve learned. This way you’ll have a little bit of confidence and will actually look happy in the first dance photos.

Or at the very least, not look like you’re about to pee yourself…

first dance

When you hate the idea of a slow first dance…

Not a problem! Having a up-tempo song for this moment is not against the rules – the only rule is that the song needs to mean something to you guys as a couple. Maybe it’s the first song you guys danced to at a club or one you both choose during drunk karaoke (don’t deny it – we’re all guilty!).

Bop around, do the twist or give your best John Travolta (literally pick ANY of his movies), you’ll soon feel at ease and the crowd is unlikely to give you much time alone on the floor.

first dance

When you really want to impress with your first dance…

Unless you’re a trained dancer, dance lessons are going to be a must in this case. Start four-to-six months in advance to give yourself plenty of time to nail a routine with your fiancée at your own leisurely pace. You want to build muscle memory and be completely comfortable once you hit the dancefloor on the night.

first dance

When you want to surprise everyone with your first dance…

Did someone say flash mob?

You could surprise your bride with a dance by you and the groomsmen, although not all women will appreciate their first dance being taken away from them. Alternatively, you, your new bride and both wedding parties can delight the entire crowd with a choreographed routine.

Or it can just be you and your lady busting a move to Baby’s Got Back.

Wedding dance inspirations

Here are some of the best first dances on the internet (take note that not all are perfectly danced, but everyone’s having so much fun, it doesn’t matter!):