The Groom Room: Finding a good wedding tailor

Jul 8, 2016 | Style

This is the day when all eyes will be on you, and with a puffy white dress to contend with, you will want to make sure that your suit is so fresh even James Bond would be jealous. By deciding to get your suit or tux made, you’re placing a lot of responsibility on your wedding tailor, so it makes sense that you would want to choose someone whose talent, skill and attention lives up to your expectations.

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The key things to consider when choosing your wedding tailor

Educate yourself

Forewarned is forearmed, and while no one expects you to sit down and read ‘How To Make Your Own Suit,’ it’s a good idea to educate yourself on some of the basics of tailoring. Read up on garments, cuts and styles that suit your body shape, so that when you do eventually sit down with your prospective wedding tailor, you will have an idea of whether or not they can offer you what you want.

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Get some recommendations

You know that really sharp dresser among your friend group, the one who you all mock over his love of fashion, but secretly envy? Give him a shout and get some recommendations and tips from him. A recommendation can either be a blessing or a disaster, depending on who it comes from, so be sure to check with a style-savvy person whose opinion can be trusted.

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Have a chat on the phone

If you have a list of tailors, it’s time to whittle them down and find the right one for you. The first step is to call them up and have a good old-fashioned chat – this will tell you whether or not you’re on the right track. If it sounds like they don’t know what they’re talking about, or they’re difficult to chat to, you might need to drive on.

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Visit their shop-front

This is key to choosing the right tailor for you, as this is where you can see and judge their work. Check out all of the pieces on display – do you like the style and the quality of the finish? Do you think this tailor will be able to do justice to your vision and bring it to life?

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Make sure they are up-to-date with modern fashions

You could find the best tailor in the world, but if they can only make those Austin Powers-esque crushed velvet suits that were all the rage in the 70s, you might not be able to take this deal any further. Just make sure, before you agree to anything or sign any dotted lines, that your prospective tailor knows the latest trends, cuts and styles, and will be able to deliver the best suit for you.

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Measure their attentiveness

An attentive tailor is a good tailor, as this means that they will never give up until the finished product is top standard and to your liking. If they don’t have time for your suggestions and feedback, or they disregard these, this should stand out as a major red flag.

Make sure they are flexible and punctual

Great tailoring will be no good to you if the suit is only half-finished and you’re due to walk up the aisle in an hour’s time! Before you commission your wedding tailor, make sure that they are flexible and promptly punctual – will they have the time to do your suit plus those of the groomsmen? These are basic but pretty important details, and this highlights the need to organise your tailor early into the wedding planning.

SmartGroom partners that offer a bespoke suit tailor service are Dorian Black and Louis Copeland & Sons.

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