Top 10 Spots for a Memorable European Honeymoon

Jan 10, 2017 | Honeymoon

There’s no need to travel to far-flung destinations for a memorable honeymoon. There are plenty of special spots in our very own continent and a European honeymoon can offer much more than you may think.

Here are some great destinations on our own doorstep…

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European Honeymoon #1. Andalucía

Flamenco dancers, matadors, tapas and wandering musicians, Andalucía embodies everything we’ve been told to expect from Spain. You can spend your honeymoon enjoying the classic ‘sun, sea, sand’ experience or break up all that relaxing with trips to nearby remote villages, spectacular hilltop views and even a visit to gypsy quarters.

Must-sees includes the Alpujarras mountains, Parque Natural de Cazorla and the wetlands at Doñana National Park.

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European Honeymoon #2. Florence

Good food, good art, good architecture – Florence is an Italian city of beauty and romance, perfect for the couple who want to spend a romantic honeymoon together without burning on a beach.

Visit the Piazzale Michelangelo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiore and of course, the city’s oldest and most famous bridge, the Ponte Vecchio.

european honeymoon

European Honeymoon #3. Dubrovnik

This small city has people flocking from all around the world to witness its fairytale-like appeal in person. Its beautiful Baroque style makes you feel like everyone is living in an age-old palace as the waves crash against sturdy stone walls.

Aside from just enjoying the views, there are monasteries to visit, cliff bars to drink at and tours to take of the city walls.

There’s also kayaking if you want to get on the water and plenty of day trips to keep you busy during your honeymoon.

European Honeymoon #4. Istanbul

Istanbul is the only city in the world spanning over two continents, Asia and Europe, so you can brag about visiting two different regions during your honeymoon. With dazzling bazaars and old churches combined with skyscrapers and buzzing nightlife, you’ll find a new experience around every corner.

Enjoy romantic dinners and visit the beach on days when you just want to bask in the sun. Other sights to see include the Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya and Topkapi Palance.

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European Honeymoon #5. Budapest

The capital of Hungary is regarded as one of the most romantic cities in Europe and is even called the Paris of the East.

This charming city offers much in the way of romantic strolls and stunning views, providing you with an incredibly romantic setting for your honeymoon. Take a river cruise, visit the Fisherman’s Bastion or try to visit during one of the city’s famous festivals for the ultimate romantic honeymoon.

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European Honeymoon #6. Marseille, France

Paris is the usual choice for a romantic trip to France, but Marseille is just as mesmerising in its own way and is only three hours from the capital. We’d recommend spending a few days in Paris, visiting the Eiffel Tower and Versailles, and then taking the train to the country’s famous port city.

Marseille is steeped in history with plenty of romantic potential, such as a leisurely walk through the Parisian Boulevards and watching the sun set at Vieux Port. After that, you can visit nearby Nice if you want a multi-location honeymoon.

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European Honeymoon #7. Santorini

This breath-taking island off the coast of Greece has been voted one of the most romantic destinations in the world, so if you’re dreaming of a Greek adventure, this is the place to go. With its beautiful scenery, awe-inspiring cliffs and the dazzlingly blue Aegean Sea, you’ll never want to leave.

Except to visit Athens of course! You can’t leave Greece without spending at least a day in the country’s capital where you can soak up the country’s rich ancient history and pay a visit to impressive sites, like the Acropolis.

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European Honeymoon #8. Copenhagen

Not a typical addition to honeymoon lists, but thankfully travellers are finally realising the potential this Danish city has. With its unique charm, amazing scenery and beautiful beaches, this is a great destination if you want your honeymoon to be a mix of city and country, relaxing and exploring.

Sights include the Tivoli Gardens, Rundetaarn, Frederiksberg Have and Rosenborg Castle.

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European Honeymoon #9. Tuscany

This Italian region is a ‘no fail’ destination for honeymoons. With ancient ruins, fairy-tale villages and inspiring scenery, this is a great romantic location even before you add in the wine!

Take part in a wine tour, eat as much as you can at the region’s wonderful restaurants, visit medieval castles and of course, don’t miss the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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European Honeymoon #10. Prague

Get lost exploring winding streets, trek up the hill for spectacular views or spend some time relaxing at the bars in Prague Castle – the activities on offer in Prague are endless and you won’t want to leave this charming city.

Be sure to try some local dishes and strike up conversations with friendly locals, many of whom speak English really well. Other must-sees include Wenceslas Square, Petrin Hill and the Lennon Wall, and no trip would be complete without a cruise down the river.