How to Create the Perfect Honeymoon in Italy

May 17, 2017 | Honeymoon

Italy is one of those destinations that could have been made specifically for a romantic holiday. If you’re looking to this region for your after-wedding R&R, here’s what you need to know about organising a honeymoon in Italy

Honeymoon in Italy: Where to Go

honeymoon in ItalyRome

Rome is to Italy what Paris is to France – an obviously romantic spot, but with good reason. The city is steeped in history with beautiful ancient architecture at every turn and of course, an abundance of gelato to enjoy while you explore.

honeymoon in ItalyCilento

If you’re looking for a coastal experience but want something a little less ‘touristy’ than the Amalfi Coast, Cilento is for you. It’s an incredibly beautiful spot with pure nature just for you, your partner and the locals.


If you like a city holiday but also want to see some of Southern Italy, Naples to the place to be. Lots of nightlife, shops and restaurants for you both to enjoy and it’s also near the ocean, so you can still spend a few days lying in the sun.

honeymoon in ItalyTuscany

Also in the south of Italy, Tuscany has a more relaxed vibe, which is perfect if you found wedding prep extra stressful. Go for long walks or spend the day drinking wine at a vineyard. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to come back feeling refreshed.

Lake Como

Popular spot for celeb watching, this lakeside honeymoon will isolate you from the world and put you in your own private heaven. With cute towns and beautiful villas, it’s the perfect combination of sophistication and peace.

honeymoon in ItalyHoneymoon in Italy: Tips for Eating Out

Remember that many shops and cafés close from 1/2pm until 4/5pm, so be sure to plan lunch.

Also, keep in mind that Italians don’t eat until 7pm at the earliest, so many restaurants won’t open until that time. But once you arrive at your restaurant, you’re welcome to stay there for the night, munching on leftover bread and drinking wine.

In regards to restaurants, be prepared for the ‘coperto,’ which is a standard charge to sit at a table. This is to cater for groups that will often stay at a table for the whole night and is not a tourist scam. Also, you only need to tip 5% to be polite, so it balances out in the long-run.

honeymoon in Italy

Honeymoon in Italy: Transport Tips

If you’re planning to explore the country by train, it’s best to book your tickets with a person at the ticket booth as the system can be confusing and there are numerous options that aren’t available online.

Be prepared for strikes, especially on public transport.

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