Budget Wedding Workout: Lose pounds before the Big Day

Apr 2, 2017 | Health

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to afford personal trainers and chefs whenever we wanted to lose weight, but for many of us, neither of those things are possible. With an expensive wedding around the corner, sacrifices need to be made and sometimes that includes the gym membership. So how can you get fighting fit on your own steam? Just follow these top tips for the perfect budget wedding workout

Budget Wedding Workout

Budget Wedding Workout Tip #1: Find some motivation

This is the toughest step, but it’s necessary to get you in the right frame of mind.

In order to get off to a good start, you’ll need an idea of exactly what you need to work on and that means someone pointing out your problem areas. You may feel everything is a problem or maybe completely blind and that means you’re not going to create an efficient workout. The first thing a personal trainer does is size you up and tell you what you need to work on, so you’ll need to grit your teeth and ask for some third-party advice.

Ask your best man, sister, father, whoever you can trust to be completely honest with you without being a jerk. Of course you could ask your significant other if you think she’ll be honest, but realistically, no one is going to feel sexy after the person they love points out all their physical flaws and that could just send you into a funk.

Budget Wedding Workout Tip #2: Get your diet on track

We’re all guilty of doing a workout and then filling ourselves with bad food or multiple protein bars as a self-high-five. During a working day, a small nutritious snack like cheese or a hard-boiled egg around 11am and 3pm will stop you from pigging out when it comes to lunch and dinner.

Budget Wedding Workout

Budget Wedding Workout Tip #3: Never forget to warm up

This is your first defence against injury and a great way to get into the swing of things. Stretch out your arms with shoulder and wrist rotations and some over-the-head arm extensions. Take the same care with your legs and remember to stretch out your back and hips too.

Budget Wedding Workout Tip #4: Embrace the push-up

It’s a long-standing classic for a reason – push-ups give your chest, arms and core an amazing workout! Feel free to do reps of classic push-ups, but add some Superman Push-ups into the mix for a truly effective routine. This is variation where you lift your left leg and right leg up and similarly alternate with opposite hand and legs.

Budget Wedding Workout

Budget Wedding Workout #5: Don’t underestimate the power of jogging

If you like to jog then embrace this, but alternate longer spurts of jogging with 100-yard sprints. Using the interval technique while running increases the effectiveness of your workout. Also, while it might seem counterintuitive, wearing a hoodie while running or working out actually warms your muscles and helps you burn extra calories.

Budget Wedding Workout Tip #6: Get the most out of your sit-ups

Isometrics involves tensing and relaxing muscles while doing your sit-ups. This triggers growth as the movement requires more muscle fibres for each contraction. Hold your stomach muscles for 10 seconds, then relax for another 10 seconds. You can also perform isometrics at other times without the sit-ups, such as when you’re commuting or sitting at your desk.

Budget Wedding Workout

Budget Workout Tip #7: Mix cardio with weights

The most effective way to lose weight while building muscle mass is to combine cardio exercise with weight training. Spending hours running on the treadmill will not create the change you want, but small bursts of cardio mixed with strength sessions will burn fat and increase muscle.

Similarly, there’s no correlation between the time spent training and the results rendered, so don’t spend all night in the gym under the assumption you’re working hard. Dedicate a 30-minute window to your daily session, tackle it head-on and leave the gym knowing you couldn’t have done any more.

Budget Wedding Workout

Budget Wedding Workout Tip #8: Embrace the burpee

This is one of the best moves you can do. Begin in a squat position and jump backwards into a plank. Immediately jump back into the squat position and then jump to a stand. The video below will show you how to execute this move perfectly.

Budget Wedding Workout Tip #9: Quality over quantity

Rather than belting out 1,000 crunches a day, focus on making the most of each rep you perform. Make sure you’re executing them perfectly through controlled movements to minimise injury risk and get the best results.

Budget Wedding Workout

Budget Wedding Workout Tip #10: Rest Days are OK

While the idea of a rest day sounds incredibly appealing to most beginners, once you actually get into weightlifting, you may soon find yourself dreading those one or two days you don’t get to break a sweat. But taking a rest day is absolutely vital in order to avoid injury and prevent yourself from hitting a fitness plateau.

The moment you step foot into that weight room, you begin placing greater strain on your joints, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, so it’s only right you give them time to recuperate from the exertion, right?