Weddings 101: Best Man Duties & Responsibilities

Aug 2, 2016 | Best Man

Being asked to be best man at your friend or brother’s wedding is a huge honour and one that requires you to do more than organise a kickass stag party. Throughout preparations and the actual day, you’ll be the groom’s right hand, ready and willing to help him complete his jobs and also perform a few of your own special best man duties.

While the groom – or the bride! – may draft your help for extra tasks during the process, here are the 10 things every best man is expected to do.

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Best Man Duties #1: Formalwear

While the bride will probably have given a few instructions, you’ll be the main person to help the groom choose his wedding attire, as well as what you and the groomsmen will be wearing. If all the suits are being bought or rented from one place, you should offer to take care of booking and collecting everyone’s formalwear.

Keep in mind that if everyone is looking after their own suit separately, you’ll be the one responsible for making sure the groomsmen match.

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Best Man Duties #2: Bachelor party

Feel free to give the groomsmen responsibility for smaller parts of the day, but you’ll be the head coordinator of the groom’s stag party. Be positive about the kind of event the groom wants and make sure expectations match reality. It’ll also be your responsibility to get the groom home alive and un-maimed, which obviously includes keeping the stag invitees under control.

Also, while we’re not saying you need to be dry, try not to drink as much as everyone else. You’re the one responsible for the event and the main person looking after the groom, so have fun, but make sure you have your wits about you.


Best Man Duties #3: Organise the groomsmen

As well as making sure everyone has something to wear, you’ll also need to be the chief coordinator for the groomsmen. Make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be at the right time and you may also be asked to find accommodation for them, depending on where the wedding is being held and how organised the bride and groom are.

Best Man Duties #4: Minding the ring

The groom is going to give you the bride’s wedding ring either the day before the wedding or the morning of the big day. From that moment on, your top priority should be keeping that band safe. Find a secure place to store it and when you put it in the pocked of whatever you’re wearing for the ceremony, make sure there are no holes or risks of it falling out.

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Best Man Duties #5: Getting the groom to the alter

The groom is going to be dealing with last-minute nerves and prep, so it’s your job to make sure things are running smoothly and that he gets to the ceremony on time. You’re also the main person to help him keep those nerves under control and help him through cold feet.

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Best Man Duties #6: The ceremony

As we said, you’re the person with the ring, so you’ll need to be ready to hand it over for the exchange. You’ll be standing next to the groom at the head of the groomsmen.

Best Man Duties #7: Witness

Once the bride and groom are married, you’ll be the groom’s witness when they sign their marriage certificate. All you’ll need to do is sign wherever you’re told to, along with the bride’s maid of honour.

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Best Man Duties #8: Look after money

It’s not always the case, but you should at least offer to take care of any payments that need to be made that day. The officiant of ceremony, the DJ or band or even the venue decorator usually need to be paid or tipped on the day and the groom shouldn’t be left worrying about things like that. Sit down with him and the bride the week beforehand and get them to map out everyone who will need payment. Then get them to separate payments into clearly marked envelopes and divide them up as needed that day.

Best Man Duties #9: Give the speech

Once the father of the bride has given his speech, it’s your turn. The best man probably has the most responsibility when it comes to speeches that day, but don’t worry, you can ace it with our ultimate guide to giving the best man speech. Top tip – don’t get drunk beforehand.

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Best Man Duties #10: Dance with the maid of honour

You may need to pay a few people on behalf of the groom, but once the speeches are over, you’re pretty much done. All that’s left is dancing with the maid of honour during the wedding dances and making sure you save a couple for the other bridesmaids and the mother of the groom.

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Bonus: Decorate the car

Not a necessary requirement, but it’s always a bit of fun to decorate the bride and groom’s car with a few tin cans and ‘Just Married’ foam.