20 bucket list ideas for an adventurous honeymoon

Jul 16, 2016 | Honeymoon

Looking for an adventurous honeymoon? Maybe you’d both like to start ticking the seven wonders of the world off your travel bucket list, like Machu Picchu or maybe you want to do something crazy and iconic like take a road trip through the United States?

Your honeymoon is the perfect time to do something new and exciting and sharing a crazy experience with your new bride is a great way to kick off your marriage.

Whether you want an experience to stop your heart or simply an amazing one-of-a-kind sight to see, we have plenty of suggestions here for an adventurous honeymoon.

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Bucket list ideas for an adventurous honeymoon

#1. Cycle Down a Volcano

This 6,000-foot plunge down the side of Maui’s Haleakala volcano is heart stopping and one for serious adrenaline junkies.

adventurous honeymoon

#2. Experience the Amazon Jungle

Spread across nine nations, the Amazon is home to the richest eco-system in the world. An adventure-loving couple would not regret spending their honeymoon here.

#3. Visit Cape Town

For the more adventurous couple, Cape Town is the place for you. Hike, see exotic animals and don’t forget to walk across the famous Table Mountain.

adventurous honeymoon

#4. Dive the South Pacific in Fiji

Fiji’s reefs are a diver’s paradise, filled with a variety of sea life, like mantas, turtles and even hammerheads.

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#5. Explore Machu Picchu in Peru

There are two ways to get to Machu Picchu, which makes is perfect for all couples. The adventurous outdoorsy people can hike the two- to five-day Inca Trail while those who prefer their comforts can enjoy the three-hour train from Cusco.

#6. Hike Guatemala’s Active Volcano

Do active volcanos sound appealing? Then take the terrifying trail right into the mouth of Volcan Pacaya, the most active volcano in Guatemala.

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#7. Witness the magic of Iguazu Falls

Comprising of 275 waterfalls, this amazing setting is found on the border of Argentina and Brazil and is probably the most amazing waterfall site in the world.

#8. Visit Bwindi Forest National Park

Another one for the adventurers or a couple who wants to see a brand new part of the world, a trip to Africa and a safari through Bwindi Forest National Park in Uganda is the way to go.

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#9. Climb Sigiriya

Sri Lanka’s rock fortress, Sigiriya, is something you won’t soon forget. Take the stairs to the top and soak in the amazing view above the jungle.

#10. Explore the French Riviera

An adventurous honeymoon doesn’t have to mean hiking through intense heat and risking food poisoning! It’s all about having a unique experience, so rent an Aston Martin and take a once-in-a-lifetime tour through the south of France, doing your best Bond impression.

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#11. Experience the wonders of Petra

Jordan’s Rose City of Petra was once lost, but now adventurous honeymooners can experience this world wonder and its amazing rock creations.

#12. Explore Costa Rica

Great if you want an adventurous experience, but also want to relax and enjoy some pampering. There are volcanoes, waterfalls and water sports when you want to burn off some energy and beautiful beaches and resorts when you want to chill.

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#13. See the famous Taj Mahal

What could be more romantic to an adventurous couple than this everlasting statement of love? The Taj Mahal took over 20 years to build and is famed for its beautiful design and white marble work.

#14. Cruise the Yangtze & Three Gorges

Any trip to China will be a memorable experience, but a cruise along the Yangtze River is one for the couple who really want to make this trip special. Passing through the intimidating cliffs of Three Gorges, you’ll be glad you didn’t play it safe.

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#15. Go on safari in South Africa

See the famous Big Five — elephants, rhinos, Cape buffaloes, leopards and lions – and tick an impressive task off your travel bucket list. Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater is a great place to see them all.

#16. Ride an Elephant in Thailand

Trekking through the jungle in Thailand is pretty cool; trekking through the jungle in Thailand on the back of an elephant is even cooler.

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#17. Jeju Island

This island is home to South Korea’s tallest mountain, which just happens to be a dormant volcano. You’ll also find some beautiful beaches and waterfalls you won’t want to leave.

#18. Hike the north coast of Kauai

3,000-foot cliffs, awe-inspiring waterfalls – you won’t be forgetting this hike in a hurry. Be sure to book some nights in a luxury resort after your hike to get that perfect blend of adventure and R&R.

#19. Swim to Devil’s Pool

Devil’s Pool sits at the edge of Victoria Falls in Zambia. To reach it, guides will lead you through a rocky wall, so you can swim through the Zambezi River to reach it and its 328-foot drop. An experience of a lifetime or what?

adventurous honeymoon

adventurous honeymoon

#20. Pyramids of Giza

One of the seven man-made wonders of the word, you’ll need to see these Egyptian pyramids in person to truly understand how spectacular they are.

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