12 pre-wedding treatments for the well-groomed groom

Aug 4, 2016 | Style

The majority of your guests’ attention will no doubt be on your bride’s appearance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go the extra mile to look your best. Many women will spend hours days getting ready, so why can’t us guys pamper ourselves with a few pre-wedding treatments so we look great on the day.

Many guys feel awkward putting effort into their appearance, with many of those who do getting ripped into by their mates. But who cares? This is your wedding and you deserve to look and feel as great as your fiancée will so go ahead and book yourself in for some of these pre-wedding treatments

pre-wedding treatments

The best pre-wedding treatments for a stylish groom

#1. Personal trainer

This isn’t too big of a stretch and is something most guys can get behind without feeling a little awkward. Unless you’re a regular gym buff, you’re probably planning on or currently attempting to get into shape so you look even more awesome in that tux.

The truth is you’ll be guaranteed much better results if you invest in a personal trainer who can assess what needs to be done, as well as your specific goals, and tailor a plan to help you get there. Not only that, but they’ll be there to push you and can also come up with a great nutritional plan you’ll actually stick to.

pre-wedding treatments

#2. Specialised skincare regime

You may have been a ‘soap and water’ guy for as long as you can remember, but there’s no shame in taking pride in your appearance and investing in some quality skincare products. Soap is drying and as well as making your skin more sensitive to shaving and spots, it can also bring on early wrinkles.

Quality products can make your skin look brighter, healthier and younger, so speak to a skincare specialist (even if it’s just at a Arnotts or Brown Thomas counter) and get your skin in good shape with some pre-wedding treatments.

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#3. Professional hairstyling

Sure, you’ll probably get a haircut a week or two before the wedding, but if you’ve never given much thought to your hairstyle before, now is the time. A few months before the big day, sit down with a proper hairstylist about a new or more sophisticated look.

Doing this well in advance means you’ll have time to see which styles work for you and will know how far before your wedding you’ll need to get it cut so that it looks its best at the alter.

pre-wedding treatments

#4. Teeth whitening

If you’re a smoker or coffee drinker, no doubt you have some staining on your teeth. It doesn’t have to be a regular thing, but there’s no harm in shining those pearly whites before the big day so you can smile with confidence in your wedding photos and won’t cringe every time you look back and see those yellow teeth.

#5. Body waxing

Maybe you have excessive shoulder hair or a chest like a bear – whatever the reason, a wedding is a good excuse to get waxed if it’s something you’ve been toying with. Your new bride will no doubt appreciate the effort and you’ll feel great on the day knowing how well-groomed you are. Plus, you’ll look awesome in the honeymoon pictures.

Remember, waxing doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of everything: you can simply get those areas trimmed and tidied up with a few strategically placed waxing strips. Just make sure you leave this pre-wedding treatment to the professionals.

pre-wedding treatments

#6. New fragrance

You may have been using a fragrance you and your fiancée have loved for years, but if you fancy a change or you’ve never bothered
finding the right aftershave or cologne for you, why not start now.

Honestly, it’s not something you’re likely to get right with the first fragrance you try. Some will smell one way when you spray it in the air and then very different on your skin, so make a few visits, ask for some recommendations and try your favourites on your wrist, so you can spend the rest of the day seeing if you like it.

#7. Facial

More and more men are opting to have the occasional facial these days, realising that not only does it improve how they look, it also helps their skin feel less dry and tight.

Why not treat yourself to a specially prescribed facial before the big day and help yourself get into celebration mode. Let your facialist know what your skincare regime is and the products you’ve been using; then sit back while she does all the work.

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#8. Facial hair removal

Your hair and beard aren’t the only things that need a trim for the big day. Don’t neglect your nose and ear hair, and don’t even think of showing up to the church with a unibrow. You’re better than that, bro.

#9. Spray tan

Women are obsessed with the stuff for a reason – a nice tan can really make you look great. Don’t opt for the bottle stuff and a DIY job, though; you want to look natural, not orange. Sign yourself up for a professional spray tan, but be sure to speak to a professional beforehand so they can advise you of the best time to get one.

You don’t want to look like Ross in your wedding photos…

pre-wedding treatments

#10. Manicure

We’re not talking nail polish here, but you’re going to be wearing a wedding ring, so people will no doubt be looking at your hands and you may even have a few pictures snapped of them. There are plenty of specialised manicures available just for guys that will just make sure your nails are well trimmed and your skin is in good condition.

#11. Massage

All that wedding planning, hell yeah you deserve a massage!

pre-wedding treatments

#12. Hot towel shave

The ultimate in respectable man pampering. No one will question you wanting this pre-wedding treatment and you can even get your groomsmen in on the action.

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