10 factors that can help you choose your Wedding Destination

Jan 5, 2017 | The Big Day

Choosing the you wedding destination is no longer as simple as the church your fiancée grew up in and a hotel in your county.

Between Irish emigration, multi-cultural couples and wanting to make your wedding special, there are endless options when it comes to where exactly to host your wedding celebrations. Here are 10 great options when making the decision…

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Wedding Destination #1. Right where you are

You and your fiancée are already living in X city, so why not have it nearby? It’s simple for you guys to get to, it will be much easier to meet with local vendors and suppliers and it cuts down on transport and accommodation cost for you both.

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Wedding Destination #2. Where you or your fiancée grew up in Ireland

Home is where the heart is and you’ll always have a soft spot for the town or city you grew up in. Endless summer days, after-school hangouts and of course, Mammy’s cooking. Many of your family members are probably still living locally and if it happens to be in a smaller city than Dublin or Cork, chances are your parents already know all the local vendors and can get you some good deals.

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Wedding Destination #3. A family holiday home

If you or your fiancée’s family are lucky enough to have a second home, whether they bought it or inherited it, chances are you’ve probably visited it a few times and have gotten a feel for the area. If you have nice associations with the place and it represents peace and quiet to you both, why not hold the wedding in that area?

Wedding Destination #4. Your or your fiancée’s country of origin

Maybe you met while travelling or after one of you relocated to Ireland, but just because the Emerald Isle is where you live, it doesn’t mean you have to get married there. In fact, it can actually be really heart-warming to hold your wedding in the other country.

Think about it – you probably had your engagement party or celebrations in Ireland and the Irish family gets to see you both whenever they want. It’s a nice gesture to allow whoever’s family is abroad to host the wedding and spend that special occasion with you in their world.

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Wedding Destination #5. The halfway point

If you and your fiancée are from two different countries, why not host the wedding somewhere in the middle to make travelling expectations fair on both sides. Similarly, if both your families are based in Ireland, but you’re living in a different country, finding a halfway point is a nice touch.

Wedding Destination #6. The city you met in

Whether you went to college in another county, met during Erasmus or were introduced when you relocated for a few years, that city is going to be a special place for both of you. It’s where you first spent time together and built a significant part of your life. It has the benefit of being familiar, but not an ‘every-day’ place, while also being very nostalgic for you both.

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Wedding Destination #7. The city you proposed in

If you were one of those romantic gents who surprised his fiancée with a surprise proposal in a beautiful city, it’s a nice idea to return to the location that kicked off the wedding process to begin with. It was special enough to propose in after all!

Wedding Destination #8. A destination you both love

Maybe it’s a holiday spot you always return to or the location of one really great trip – either way, you already have happy associations, so make it even more special by hosting your wedding celebrations there. It’s a good excuse to book return trips for future anniversaries.

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Wedding Destination #9. Somewhere that matches your vision of the wedding

You guys want a rustic outdoor wedding with cornfields and a barn? Or maybe you have visions of posing in the snow in your own private winter wonderland? Ireland is beautiful, but it can be limiting if you want to get creative outdoors, so why not look further afield for the perfect wedding location that matches the image in your head.

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Wedding Destination #10. A place you’ve always wanted to go

It might be on a bucket list or it’s a place that’s a little out of the way that you both always thought would be nice to visit. A great option for any couples who want to get married abroad and have a special honeymoon, but can’t afford to do both.