Speech Inspiration: 10 of the best Best Man speech examples around

Jun 4, 2016 | Best Man

The best man speech is probably one of the biggest jobs anyone has at a wedding. It may even be more stressful than the bride and groom having to say ‘I do’. You’re expected to be funny and thoughtful, witty and eloquent. Let’s face it – it’s the one speech everyone looks forward to at a wedding. Whether you’re a master orator or someone who wants to faint at the thought of public speaking, every best man can use a little inspiration. Here are 10 great best man speech examples from around the internet to get the creative juices flowing.

Best Man Speech Examples

1. The Little Brother

From the very beginning, this younger brother had guests in stitches. Take note of the fact he actually gives the bride some time…

2. A Family Affair

This groom’s best man, brothers and groomsmen decided to forget tradition and turned the speech into a musical tribute

3. Walk Down Memory Lane

We can’t imagine the amount of work that went into creating this epic best man’s speech.

4. The Presentation

This one was given by the bride’s brother, but it shows you that long speeches don’t have to be unbearable…

5. Short and Sweet

…while this guy proves that a short and snappy speech can still hit all the right notes.

6. The Pre-Record

A good solution if the idea of standing in front of a crowd makes you want to vomit – video it in.

7. By the Book

This best man showed guests that you don’t need to do anything crazy to make a memorable speech – following the rules can produce a whole lot of laughs.

8. The Old Reliable

It may be an oldie, but this opening line always gets a laugh.

9. The Performer

A really creative speech and a sneaky way to get around telling the groom’s risqué stories.

10. I Object

And if you’re really struggling to make your speech special, why not surprise everyone at the ceremony with an objection and a duel to the death with the groom? People won’t mind you keeping the speech simple after that.